Exchange Daemon: Suzuka Gozen

Exchange Daemon: Suzuka Gozen

Suzuka Gozen

5 ★ Melee Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 12900/15393

Max/MLB HP: 8600/10262


Purify (MAX): Deals 2397/2857 DMG to further enemies.

Child of the Devil (lvl 75): Increase 20% or DMG dealt by the 2 allies with the highest ATK.


The first question when looking at Suzuka is obviously – hang on a minute, she’s melee with ranged stats, is that actually any good? The answer is yes but it’s not a massive difference like one might think. I think it’s best to just view her as a Ranged unit but one with a bit less damage (since base crit rate is lower) and a 30% less damage taken passive on top. Is that worth the damage loss? Yes for sure, especially considering her base damage is actually relatively high so the loss isn’t that great. Let’s compare her to some similar daemon:


Suzuka Gozen (Buffing Self) Suzuka Gozen (Not Buffing Self) G. Washington Mara
Auto Attacks 1,986 1,655 1,593 1,725
Skill DMG 4,241 (Further) 3,534 (Further) 3,689 (All) 4,236 (All)
EHP 12,073 12,073 8,145 8,820
Other/Team Ability 20% DMG to Highest ATK Ally 20% DMG to 2 Highest ATK Allies 20% Skill DMG to all Allies Target takes ~26% increased DMG


So what do we see. Well the expected damage loss from having a lower crit rate and being melee (so receiving less skill DMG from bonds) is not that substantial. In fact even without her passive applying to herself she is only just short of George Washington’s damage, and since she has a higher base value applying buffs will have a bigger effect on her than George. Once her passive applies to herself she easily outclasses George however. Much better autos, significantly more skill damage, tankier thanks to melee status and a better passive – remember 20% Damage means skill damage and auto attack damage, so even though it only applies to 2 rather than George’s all allies, the fact it’s 20% damage to your 2 damage dealers means I much prefer this ability (George giving 20% Skill damage to Sola for example is meaningless anyway).

Compared to Mara she is a lot more similar in terms of damage output (when she buffs herself) and has a fairly comparable passive. Mara’s higher percentage is sort of offset by the fact that you get diminishing returns once you apply a % damage taken debuff (e.g Amanojaku) and the fact that it is only 26% after auto attacking for 8 seconds (it builds up before that). Suzuka’s DMG to allies is better in the sense that this is a missing multiplier normally (not many daemon have this, although Amanojaku is one), so by adding to the buff you have the least of you gain the most damage. The notable difference between these daemon is the targeting. Whilst both George and Mara hit all targets Suzuka hits “further” targets. Now the majority of the time this should be all anyway – especially since you are going to be using it right at the start of a wave, but it has the potential to whiff on units and become slightly annoying when you lose time auto attacking it instead.

So overall how good is she. Well pretty good to be honest as an AoE unit. How much you need another one is up to you considering how many good options there are (and how much you are going to use one in general if you simply go for 2 single targets instead). If you are new then getting one at 75 for the passive is decent already.


Emilio’s Rating: 8.3 / 10 (High Tier)


Qtphi21: ‘Hit further enemies’ seems to hit all (or almost all) enemy targets, regardless of their positioning. See the video demonstration with Dojigiri [Bride] below. There are 4 videos (about 1 minute each) that demonstrate the following: 

  1. Dojigiri hits melee brutes that surround her, and the ranged daemon behind her as well.
  2. Dojigiri hits both ranged daemons.
  3. Dojigiri hits even the melee brute that has flanked her and is engaged with Shuten.
  4. Dojigiri hits brute engaged with another melee daemon.


6 thoughts on “Exchange Daemon: Suzuka Gozen”

    • Once the boost from the ability is in place, the boosted daemons do not lose the boost even if the booster daemon (in this case Suzuka) dies in battle.

      ie, if Suzuka boosts another daemon pus herself, and then gets killed in battle while the other daemon is still alive, the other daemon remains boosted despite Suzuka’s death.

  • It’s a pretty great passive especially for such a bargain price with just 2 copies. There have been lots of all target divina lately so I doubt many people need for the aoe aspect. Still, interesting card and I’m glad its not yet another freaking phantasma nuker.

  • 1copy should be fine, if anyone is planning to mlb, think again about the possible uses of this card.,
    Christmas and new year daemons is coming, time to stock up on invokers, mochi and orbs

    • Do you know what kind of daemons Will probable go out in christmas and New year? Because normally they use some old daemons and Change it a little and versión 2 or some stuff like that..

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