Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Taira no Kiyomori, Satori, Tang Sancai

Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Taira no Kiyomori, Satori, Tang Sancai

Taira no Kiyomori [Initiated]

5 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 13000/15513

Max/MLB HP: 9200/10973


Rokuhara Cannon (MAX): Deals 3001/3581 DMG to 2 enemies (ranged priority), targets deal 60/72% less DMG for a limited time.

Initiation of Rokuhara (lvl 70): Reduces 30% of DMG dealt by opponent with highest ATK at the start of each wave.

The Taira family (lvl 84): At the start of the final wave, enemy with the most HP takes 30% more damage.


Chapter 10’s reward daemon finally receives a 5 star form. Taira no Kiyomori [Initiated] focuses his original form’s 3 target skill to 2 targets. Instead of a small ‘receive more damage’ debuff, his targets now ‘deal less damage’, at a higher percentage.

Taira’s skill and ability set provides a balance of offense and defence:

  • His skill: Deals damage (offense), opponent deals less damage (defense)
  • Ability 1: Reduces opponent’s damage dealt (defense)
  • Ability 2: Increases damage taken by opponent (offense)

Firstly, the active skill: 2 target skills are typically not favoured – they do not clear waves particularly fast, nor do they provide sufficiently powerful nukes against high HP opponents. At 60/72%, the defensive on-demand reduction of the opponent’s attack is a high percentage, similar to that of Stella: Libra, and are equal third highest in the entire game (number 1 and 2 belong to 3 stars Aya Waka and Mata Hari, which realistically do not see much use in game at all). One could time the opponent’s skill pattern and make use of Taira no Kiyomori’s skill to reduce the amount of damage dealt by the opponent’s heaviest nukes. This really should not be needed all that much, especially if his first ability is in effect already.

Taira no Kiyomori’s first ability unlocks on the first copy and reduces the opponent’s damage dealt by 30 percent. This damage reduction stacks additively to his active skill’s damage reduction. Unfortunately, like every other skill, there is a cap to damage reduction and further percentage beyond that would not reduce damage further (this cap seems to be at 85%). Taira no Kiyomori’s skill plus defensive ability would surpass that cap, even on the first copy. Other daemons with damage reduction passives include Guillotine (20%, highest HP opponent) and Odawara Castella (15%, highest ATK opponent).

His second ability increases the opponent’s damage taken. This is the same debuff that Amanojaku, Yoshitsune and Titanium Elf apply to the opponent on skill attacks. LB3 Taira would keep the enemy with the most HP under debuff for the entire final stage. This is particularly applicable on the World Boss stage, where this particular debuff is capped at 75%, so multiple activations of a skill based debuffer does not apply debuff beyond the 75% cap. Other daemons with similar passive debuffs on the enemy include: Alice, Knecht Ruprecht [X’mas 3], and Hibiki [Sun Spear]. With multiple daemons having abilities that apply this debuff passively, it seems possible that we will see teams that keep the World Boss at the debuff cap throughout the length of the battle passively. This would benefit pure nukers like Itsuna Saburo that provide pure skill damage without any damage debuff.

DaemonDebuff ability percentageTargeting Level unlocked
Taira no Kiyomori [Initiated]30%Highest HP opponent; final wave84 (second ability)
Alice 20%All opponents; final wave90 (second ability)
Knecht Ruprecht [X’mas 3]20%Highest HP opponent; final wave75 (first ability)
Hibiki [Sun Spear]20%All opponents; final wave70 (first ability)

Taira no Kiyomori’s debuff – at 30% – is an improvement over his comparators. The lock at LB3 seems reasonable, considering it is a second ability, similar to Alice’s, and hers was locked at MLB. The main difference unfortunately, is access – Alice and Hibiki were ranking daemons on towers, while Knecht Ruprecht was the cheapest – tradeable via tower drops. While ranking on competitive towers does cost a significant amount of items these days (Alice and Hibiki were competitive, not quite at Sola levels of insanity, but still really competitive), Taira would require either loads of luck, or hundreds of invokers or jewels on the guaranteed summon, or an investment of 5 star orbs to acquire.

Overall, despite his mediocre skill, Taira no Kiyomori’s abilities make him useable for both offensive and defensive purposes. Players currently considering trading 625 mochi for MLB Stella: Virgo could consider drawing for Taira instead – just 1 copy would improve survival of your team so much so that Virgo would not be needed. Acquiring multiple copies of Taira – or subsequently orbing him up to LB3 – would be a precursor to a no-debuffer World Boss set up. Such a team is not quite viable yet, but may be in the works once more pure nukers similar to Itsuna Saburou are more accessible.

Emilio’s Rating: 7.5 (for skill), 9.0 (for reserve)

Gaku Satori

4 ★ Assist Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 7500/9195

Max/MLB HP: 7000/8583

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Attack

Troll (lvl 80): Increases 10% of Max HP and Reduces 10% of DMG taken


Gaku Satori is trolling with a reverse power creep on Kane Doji, released in the last routine Jewel Summon banner. They are both assist daemons which improve their bonded daemon’s survival, with their base bond increasing the ATK of the bonded daemon.

DaemonTypeHP BoostDMG ReductionLevel Locked
Kane DojiPhantasma15%10%80
Gaku SatoriPhantasma10%10%80

If one really is considering orbing a survival assist daemon, Kane Doji is obviously the better choice. Gaku Satori should have had a lower level lock than Kane Doji to justify the lower percentage boost. As it is, Gaku Satori straight out is a bad deal.

Tang Sancai

4 ★ Assist Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 7500/9195

Max/MLB HP: 7000/8583

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Max HP

Spectral Messenger (lvl 80): Reflects 10% of DMG taken back to attacker


Tang Sancai provides an assist that allows players to change any active daemon on the team into Aegis (10%) or Yata Mirror (10%) or Shomakyo (20%) for their reflective properties. None of these daemons are commonly used in routine battles (other than Yata Mirror for PvP farming) – partly because of outdated skills and other abilities, and also because reflect has not proven to be an effective method of dealing significant damage.

Put simply: if a daemon has equal Attack and HP stats, it needs to receive damage that would kill it in order to reflect to the attacker the amount of damage that it does on a single auto attack. Ie, a daemon with 10,000 HP 10,000 ATK does 1000 DMG on auto attack; to deal the same 1000 damage from reflect, it needs to receive 10,000 DMG first.

Of course if you bring a healer then the total amount of damage a daemon can receive can potentially far exceed its full HP over the course of a battle, but the amount of damage inflicted to the enemy attributable to this ability is extremely low.

One needs to consider to opportunity cost – placement of a better damage boosting assist daemon, whether a focused damage booster like Matsuo Basho, or a team wide damage booster like Aquarius or Nautilus. Any of these listed above will provide a bigger boost to your team’s damage than the use of a reflective daemon. The sole exception would be where damage is already maximized to 999,999 for skill damage and 99,999 auto damage, and reflect is one of the few pathways remaining to increase damage further – but when put next to the massive values of the game’s damage caps, the amount of damage that a reflect ability can provide is absolutely negligible.

Emilio’s Rating: 0.2

4 thoughts on “Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Taira no Kiyomori, Satori, Tang Sancai”

  • Personally though, I’ve pulled for Taira…
    1) Better dmg than Libra. While Libra is a good tank on her own, using her for WB seems a waste, and for now, none of my WB team can tank the single nukes twice in a row, which is kinda sad…And my Libra is only LB0…
    2) For WB, I’m still using Ravenna, which combines tank (melee) & self heal & enemy dmg reduction… Which I can replace with Taira’s 30% reduction just like that…Even at LB0 Taira’s dmg reduction is superb for WB imo… but Tai’s level is still 1, so I’ll comment again when I manage to switch successfully

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