Guild Conquest Daemon Analysis: Tee Rex

Guild Conquest Daemon Analysis: Tee Rex

Tee Rex

5 ★ Assist Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 9400/11217

Max/MLB HP: 9000/10739

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Skill DMG

Dino tyrant (lvl 81): Increases 20% of Crit Rate


Mitama just had to do it. All these dragon themed guild conquests demanded the presence of a literal dinosaur. And that dinosaur had to be a loli in a dinosaur costume. I just wish Mitama wouldn’t insist on lolifying every single daemon. I could appreciate artwork of an actual Giant Panda or Tyrannosaurus Rex…

Tee Rex is an assist daemon. Her base ability provides the standard 5%/7.5% skill damage boost. Her assist ability provides a 20% crit rate boost. Last event, Niccolo Paganini provides a 10% crit rate boost (with standard HP boost). Tee Rex simply provides the 5 star upgraded version of that assist ability.

With Tee Rex’s ability locked at LB3, it requires players to get their 1,2,3 million damage points rewards, and get to level 30 with their guild to acquire the 4 copies of Tee Rex needed to unlock her ability. If one did not acquire any assist daemons released last event, simply getting 4 copies off Tee Rex, fusing them together and unlocking her ability before sealing her into 4 separate copies could provide you a decent assist bond for each member of your team.

As with other assist abilities, how useful each one really depends on the other abilities the daemon and the team has. The best assist abilities complement the abilities already present in the team, or boost the daemon in a way that the daemon’s own abilities do not. So a crit rate boosting assist daemon is best bonded to a daemon lacking in crit rate (eg melee daemons), or on teams without use of a crit rate booster.

Athora: Wish it has a chibi. Potential is pretty good and achievable with small cost.

4 thoughts on “Guild Conquest Daemon Analysis: Tee Rex”

  • For the average player this is not that easy to get.
    To achieve this some players quit their guild to open a new temporary one so they hope they can reach the 3 millions (easier done when the level of the boss is low) then go back to their real respective guild and get the lvl 30 one.

    • ^ This is probably the cheapest way to acquire 4 copies of the GCQ boss.
      Do level 1-10 (or 11?) solo, and then pick up the copy from clearing the level 30 boss from your proper guild (make sure you contribute to getting there too, or your actual guild might not get there at all!)

  • I was really bummed that they skimped out and didnt make a 3d chibi for her as well. C’mon Mitama! I know it cuts cost but still…

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