The Definitive Eating Competition for Daemon – Limited Jewel Summon Review


5* Assist

Ability 1 (lvl 73): Increases level by 10

Ability 2 (lvl 90): Increases Divina skill DMG by 15%

I picture Chronos as similar to other assists such as Stella: Aquila, Sagittarius and Orion. The difference is you lose 5% skill damage buff, but gain the 10 levels on the daemon you place Chronos on. This is equivalent to extra survivability and a few more % on that daemon’s buff skill. Overall then I rate him as slightly better than his comparators, but for level 90 to unlock that second ability on a LJS not worth the effort to get.

Rating: 8.1 / 10

Behemoth [Gula]

5* Ranged Phantom

ATK: 13,700 / 16,348

HP: 8,000 / 9,546

Skill: Deals 6,002 / 7,159 DMG to the enemy with the Highest ATK. Target deals 45 / 53% less DMG for a limited time

Ability 1 (lvl 75): Increases Crit DMG by 12% at the start of each wave

Ability 2 (lvl 88): Increases DMG by 45% at the start of the final wave

If you’ve looked at my spreadsheet which I updated first you might look at Behemoth and be like “wow, the best skill damage and auto attack in the game, she must be amazing!”, but this comes with a caveat sadly. I have to put some values in the spreadsheet, and since I defined those to be on wave 4 for stacking abilities and all abilities unlocked, those stats are the final wave only, where the final wave is wave 4 specifically…which is awfully specific. I view Behemoth as a slightly better version of 6EQUJ5, and similar to Iisuna Saburo. She’s a single target powerhouse but without a team damage boosting ability, instead she has a team defensive ability attached to her skill. This can be very useful but I still see it as a niche thing. She’s similar to Iisuna in that she has fantastic skill damage but it has to build over waves, the difference being their offensive and defensive team abilities respectively. Overall I do think shes the best single target daemon that doesn’t have a damage taken debuff (a.k.a outside of the holy quartet of Yoshi, Amano, Tokarev and TE), and I do really want to summon her myself but I’m going to resist personally since a) Anniversary is incoming, b) A new version of Amanojaku is incoming which could very well be OP, c) it’s in a 50/50 with Chronos who does nothing for me and d) it’s not going to have a significant effect on my team damage I believe. If you’re simply overflowing with 500+ invokers then hey whatever go for it but otherwise it’s difficult to justify the expense.

Rating: 8.3 / 10

Mitsu Aoi Inro

4* Healer Anima

ATK: 7,200 / 8,827

HP: 8,000 / 9,546

Skill: Reduces all enemies Defense by 455 / 545 for a limited time

Ability 1 (lvl 70): Increases 20% of Max HP and reduces 20% of Damage taken

It’s a tanky 4* Healer….with an absolutely useless ability. Does nothing for any team.

Rating: 2.5 / 10

4 thoughts on “The Definitive Eating Competition for Daemon – Limited Jewel Summon Review”

  • If you have 1 nuker debuffer/Taira all abilities unlocked, but lack the philo slow/amor skill dmg boost/ another nuker to run double nukers team, amanojaku strife is good enough to bit 999,999. Amanojaku pairnup with another nuker like yoshitsune or te can dealt above 30m WB records. Amanojaku also works perfectly fine with another nuker in conquest. In the future we got other cards that is on top tier but doesnt boost skill dmg, then amanojaku might be the one/few sources of skill boost.

    • Cinder amor might not be our future reserve cards. So amanojaku might be one of the few sources of skill dmg boost that doesn’t need a reserve slot.

  • I really wish they’d just let people summon as many of these limited ones as they wanted; at 200 mochi a pop they are insanely overpriced, but at least you could do it if you wanted. No way in hell is anyone going to summon 5 of them to MLB unless they are the Whale King.

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