The Definitive Eating Competition for Spirits – Daemon Review

I’m going to try cut the waffle going forward and these will be more like a blog so lets get straight into it!

P.S I’ve also been skipping the pictures. If anyone wants to suggest a standard review picture feel free.


3* Melee Divina

ATK: 5,200 / 6,616

HP: 4,800 / 6,107

Skill: Deals 888 / 1,129 DMG to the row of enemies directly infront with a moderate chance of stun

Ability 1 (lvl 52): 25% Life Steal

A tanky 3* thanks to the life steal giving him an EHP of a basic melee 5*, but nothing else to him really. Too low damage, especially on the skill and a ~sub 50% stun chance is meaningless.

Rating: 2.3 / 10

Mito Mitsukuni

4* Range Divina

ATK: 8,000 / 9,808

HP: 7,000 / 8,582

Skill: Deals 3,619 / 4,439 DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP, with a moderate chance of Silence

Ability 1 (lvl 65): 15% Skill DMG to Ranged allies

Decent if you are a beginner but another throwaway if you are veteran. Decent stats, okay skill damage, an okay CC effect in the silence, and a decent team buff but nothing overwhelming really.

Rating: 6.0 / 10

Deus Ex Machina

4* Anima Healer

ATK: 7,000 / 8,582

HP: 7,500 / 9,195

Skill: Heals 1,226 / 1,504 HP to all allies. Targets receive 30 / 37% less DMG for a limited time

Ability 1 (lvl 55): Increases Anima allies HP by 1% per wave

A pretty generic healer with plenty of comparators even from the beginning of the game (e.g Tennyo Ayame). Average heal, average damage reduction…the only difference she has is her passive but this is ridiculously weak. To give the same EHP as say Ptolemy (who isn’t even that good) takes 28-40 waves (depending on the target). Won’t see use.

Rating: 5.5 / 10

Beelzebub [Gula]

5* Ranged Phantom

ATK: 12,600 / 15,035

HP: 8,600 / 10,262

Skill: Deals 1,961 / 2,339 DMG to the 3 enemies with the Highest ATK. Targets take 30 / 36% more DMG for a limited time.

Ability 1 (lvl 77): 20% Skill DMG to Phantom

Ability 2 (lvl 89): 30% ATK Speed to allies at the start of the final wave

Beelzebub is simply an upgrade on her previous version who was also a 3 target daemon, had a damage taken increase, and a speed boosting passive for the final wave. This version now has increased ATK, increased skill damage, increased HP, increased speed boost (30% instead of 20%), and a better second passive (skill damage to team instead of a heal). Still however I am not a fan of a reduced AoE damage overall in order to provide the damage taken debuff, especially at the 30-40% level. As I’ve said many times before if you want to clear waves you want to do it with 1 button press, not having to use the skill twice and blow all the orbs you have. As a reserve however this version of Beelzebub is half decent. 30% IAS is the biggest in the game, and put this with say Stella: Phoenix and you have 70% IAS to team (the cap is 100% remember). Could allow for some new niche teams/setups but realistically not strong enough to compete with the real high end daemon.

Rating: 7.4 / 10


5* Divina Assist

ATK: 12,800 / 15,274

HP: 8,600 / 10,262

Base Bond: Skill DMG

Assist Bond: 45% Skill DMG, 45% Crit DMG

The ranking reward is basically a reverse power creep of Cheshire Cat – Cheshire Cat v0.9 (since the values are 90% of his). Literally identical so for those who don’t have him or Okita it’s just a potential for a pick up – although you are probably ironically fighting for it vs people who have Cat/Okita and don’t even need her. Still super strong overall and a massive damage boost to your damage dealer but irrelevant for those who already have the two kings of Assists.

Rating: 9.4 / 10

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