The Great Feudal Music Festival – Event Daemon Analysis

The Great Feudal Music Festival – Event Daemon Analysis
fryeen panna

Fryeen Panna

3 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 5400/6869

Max/MLB HP: 4400/5598


Musical Outburst (MAX): Deals 2644/3364 DMG to a random enemy, with a moderate chance of inflicting Stun.



Who ever thought a frying pan could be a Rock Star? Well apparently Mitama does and the concept is epic, and I love the art (I might be the only one lol). Other than that she’s a simple single target ranged daemon. She would be great for PvP farming attack except for the presence of Stun reducing the absolute value of skill damage inflicted.


Emilio’s Rating: 3.5 / 10 – A standard 3*


Kino Tsurayuki

Kino Tsurayuki

4 ★ Melee Divina



Max/MLB Attack: 6500/7969

Max/MLB HP: 7100/8705



Depiction of Beauty (MAX): Deals 3619/4439 DMG to an enemy (ranged priority)

Immortal Poet (lvl 53): Deals 20% more DMG



Yet another single target melee 4 star, with stats and skill in line with those of her type and class. Like Fryeen Panna she ought to be good for PvP farming attack, except that her melee class means that she crits quite infrequently, and that adversely affects your win rate.


Emilio’s Rating: 5.6 / 10 – Decent stats and good damage for its class giving it an above average rating.



4 ★ Ranged Divina



Max/MLB Attack: 7100/8705

Max/MLB HP: 5800/7112



Producer (MAX): Increases DMG taken of 2 random enemies by 54/66% for a limited time.

Troubadour (lvl 72): All Divina allies take 5% less DMG.



54% increase to damage taken? To 2 targets too? Superficially this looks very attractive, with the debuff percentage in the range of single target debuffers like Titanium Elf, Azi Dhaka and Lucky Quiver (although both versions of Amanojaku debuff for a much greater percentage). However, she is difficult to use because of the random nature of her targeting. Also we seldom encounter stages with multiple daemons with thick HP needing to be simultaneously debuffed, so a 2 random target debuff really isn’t that useful.


Emilio’s Rating: 5.3 / 10 – Hey look, it’s an ever so slightly buffed White Hare of Inaba! Plethora of better debuffers.

Siren Singer

Siren [Singer]

5 ★ Healer Phantasma



Max/MLB Attack: 9500/11336

Max/MLB HP: 9500/11336



Love Song (MAX): Restores 1228/1348 HP to all allies. Targets receive 45/54% less DMG for a limited time.

Sound of Love (lvl 58): Restores 10% HP to Phantasma team members at the start of each wave.

Tear Jerker (lvl 79): Increases 15% of skill DMG of Phantasma team members at the start of each wave.



In terms of skill, Siren is a shield-healer like many others before her, including Cinderella, Orihime [Star Flower], Edo Castle, Mazu and New Years Game. With power creep her balanced stats are one of the highest in game baring Poor Devil. Her balance between HP recovery and damage reduction is almost identical to that of Mazu and Luminous Pearl.

Her first ability with 10% per wave HP recovery for Phantasama type is unremarkable: Siren’s status as a healer, with an active skill that both recovers HP and reduces damage taken is typically more than enough to keep one’s daemons alive through most stages.


Siren’s second ability, however, is quite incredible. One would have thought that Mitama would balance the 3 types after overloading on power Phantasma daemons with Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day]. And here comes another daemon who would boost her skill damage further. There are currently 2 other daemons with huge skill damage boosts that apply for daemons on the same team – Amor and Cinderella. However they were both limited to event and no longer obtainable. What differentiates Siren’s ability to that of Amor/Cinderella’s is the targeting and the per wave nature of the boost. Amor and Cinderella provide a large fixed boost to 2 highest attack daemons on the team for the final wave, while Siren boosts all Phantasma daemons with the boost tacking every wave. The per wave nature of Siren’s boost means that she would be preferred on multi-wave (at least 4) stages like Tower and Conquest, while Amor and Cinderella would be preferred on single wave stage like World Boss.


Fortunately Siren only needs to be lb2 to have her second ability unlocked. And being event boss, she is much more accessible than Amor (5 star event helper), and Cinderella (event ranking daemon on the bloodiest conquest rank so far). I would strongly recommend players to aim to get to level 150 at least for a guaranteed lb2 copy of Siren, even more so for any new or casual players.


P.S. Given Siren’s similar skill to existing daemons which have been tested to be appropriate for PvP farming it is quite likely Siren would similarly be suitable. Most likely we will be looking at lb0 Siren for easy farming purposes. Details to be confirmed on further testing. LB0 to LB1 Siren are acceptable PvP farming defences. LB1 Siren is capable of deadly PvP farming with good reliability. To find out more please contact our members on the LINE app.


Emilio’s Rating: 9.5 / 10 – God Tier. That passive is absolutely disgusting. You have to consider that Cinderella’s only activates on final wave as well – so on any 4 wave or more stage assuming you are using Phantom damage dealers Siren is providing more damage on every single wave. Further if you have this hitting 3 targets it’s absolutely ridiculous (Yatagarasu, Yaobikuni and Amano in CQ anyone?). Since this is a level reward this is a must get and keep for everyone. If you are a new player or aren’t strong enough for mid-late CQ try get guild members help to level 150 for 3 copies (to unlock the passive).


Minamoto Yoritomo

Yoritomo Minamoto

5 ★ Ranged Divina



Max/MLB Attack: 11500/13723

Max/MLB HP: 8300/9904



Strength of a Shogun (MAX): Increases Crit Rate to all allies by 45/54% for a limited time.

Kamakura Shogunate (lvl 71): Increases DMG dealt by all team members by 10% when this daemon is Team Leader.

Unifying Leader (lvl 84): Increases all allies’ Crit DMG by 10%.



~By Emilio (because after writing on Grail and Marsha, who better to write his review?)

Wow really. A fantastic level reward AND rank reward? Is it Christmas already? Are they baiting us before Anniversary event? Well whatever the case may be this is a great buffer and just off the bat I would say worth ranking for.


I think there’s two ways of viewing Yorimoto Yoritomo- either you see him as a 5* version of Katsushika Hokusai, or you see him as a Ranged version of Qilin. Either way he is in that high category of buffer and is in fact better than both his counterparts.


Vs Katsu


Katsu is the old dog flying the flag for original OP cards. He was the best buffer around at the start, and is still high tier thanks to his focused damage boosting to the 2 damage dealers in the team.


Yoritomo has:


  • Better stats since he is a 5*, but to skew this even more this was actually Katsu’s main weakness. Yoritomo’s auto attacks do 90% more damage and he’s approximately 55% tankier than Katsu.

  • Almost the same Critical buff % (1 less at MLB) but to all targets instead of just 2. This therefore is likely to boost overall damage more (since his passives can compete too – see next point), whilst also boosting survivability by affecting the healer as well

  • Less critical damage (!) but a secondary damage passive. Let’s imagine Amor has no stacking damage passive. Before their skill use, Katsu would be providing her an 11% damage boost, Yoritomo a 14% boost. After they use their Critical rate boosts Katsu is providing 83% while Yoritomo a 72%. So you can see how he almost provides the same boost as Katsu (who I think is the most efficient from 1 skill orb with the exception of Qilin after 6 waves), however Yoritomo is hitting FIVE targets not two.


Vs Qilin


Qilin came relatively early on and is another fantastic buffer. Recent wave changes in tower also technically buffed her since her crit damage passive can stack over more waves.


Comparatively Yoritomo has:


  • Much better auto attacks (+89%) but is not as tanky (-29%) thanks to the Ranged vs Melee status

  • A slightly better Critical rate buff (+4%) to the same number of targets

  • His two passives combined mean his overall damage boost is better than Qilin’s unless there is a significant number of waves (6+ tower only).

  • His passives are also, however, indiscriminate therefore always buff everyone, whilst Qilin’s Critical damage passive (which creates the large damage output boost in general for all buffers – mixing rate and damage) is limited to just Divina.


I’ve already heard whispers of “but I can use double Morin, so I don’t need Yoritomo”, but I wouldn’t have this mentality. Yes Morin’s passive is actually insane, but don’t forget a couple of points of 1) it’s wave based, so in World Boss (s)he has no place, 2) (S)He only affects 2 targets – albeit passively which is why (s)he is so good. I can’t say which direction the game will head unless I can find that crystal ball I put away somewhere in 2001, but what I can say is Yoritomo is in my eyes the best (active) critical rate buffer there is currently in the game and is a fantastic addition to anyone’s deck.

Emilio’s Rating: 9.0 / 10 (God Tier (just))

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