To The Source of the Milky Way – All Daemon Analysis

To The Source of the Milky Way – All Daemon Analysis

Hello all! For a slight change (and because I’m simply a bit lazy to do two posts), I’m going to do the whole set of event daemons in one go. So strap in because there’s quite a lot to go through. I’ll do the 3 helpers first before going through the event rewards in rarity order.


(Side note: I don’t have any bloody pictures…so whatever it’s mostly text for now)

edit by qtphi21: added some pics but still missing some of the helpers 🙁




Marshal Tianpeng

4 ★ Melee Phantom


Max/MLB Attack: 6,900 / 8,459

Max/MLB HP: 7,600 / 9,317


Heavy Punch (MAX): Deals 2,561 / 3,141 DMG to the enemy with the most HP. Target takes 24 / 30% more damage for a limited time.

Pigsy (Lvl 50): Increases skill damage by 35%

Journey to the West (Lvl 70): Increases DMG by 20% when one of “Journey to the West” is on the team


First thing to note is that he has really beefy stats for a 4* Melee daemon. His attack stat is second only to Captain Bartholomew, and his HP stat is the highest among all 4*. His overall tankiness however is only 17th among those 4* since he has no defensive passive abilities.

His skill does fairly low damage but comes with a fair debuff percent. His first passive brings his skill damage up to a fair amount. As we know however, fair simply isn’t good enough in this game, so he is only useful to new players with nothing better. His second skill is unlikely to be activated but would give him the second highest auto attack level for his class (at the cost of a slot in the team however this would not be worth it).

For a 4* he is decent, but nothing spectacular. You can consider him as a better version of Usumidori who was recently released.


Emilio’s Rating: 5.7 / 10 (Above Average 4*)


Redda Gourdo

4 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 7,700 / 9,440

Max/MLB HP: 6,100 / 7,478


Sucked Inside (MAX): Deals 3,184 / 3,906 DMG to current target; decreases targets speed by 42 / 51%

Hardworker (Lvl 54): Reduces DMG taken by 20%


A simple single target 4* ranged daemon. If you look at the list of everyone in this same category (25 daemon total), she comes in 20th place for auto attack damage, and 20th place for skill damage. The speed decrease effect is okay but there are others in the same class with more damage and a better passive (e.g Ugo, Zauber Kugel, Kagami Mochi all had increase damage received on the enemy, and of course the infamous Amanojaku version 1). Her passive makes her the tankiest of this subset, but that’s of little importance for what these daemon want to do.

Too weak with no real use.


Emilio’s Rating: 4.1 / 10 (Below Average 4*)


tang shanzang

Tang Sanzang

4 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 10,200 / 12,505

Max/MLB HP: 5,400 / 6,620


Mahaprajnaparamita (MAX): Deals 890 / 1,202 DMG to all enemies with a very high chance of inflicting silence

Strong Heart (Lvl 26): Increases DMG by 40% at the start of the final wave

Journey to the West (Lvl 64): Reduces DMG taken by 20% when one of “Journey to the West” is on the team


A bit more interesting now. The skill damage from Maha…Mahapr….Mahaprajnapa…really, damn sacred text names… is really low. Don’t go thinking that the passive boost is compensation for it either, it only applies on the final wave – not exactly useful for boosting a wave clearing ability.

The second passive isn’t exactly compensation for her terrible HP stat either. The requirement means it will likely never be active, and without it she is very paper thin with a lower end HP stat for her class.

Her use is clearly in her massive auto attack stat along with her 40% damage boost. This means on the final wave her Auto attack damage is 2,145 – 16th highest in the game beating out the majority of 5*’s too. This makes her overall damage output not bad as a whole, but the weak skill ability is almost like a balance check. With her only selling point her auto attack damage it is hard to make much use of her.


Emilio’s Rating: 6.1 / 10 (Mid-High Tier 4* – got to give the auto attacks credit)


Now let’s have a look at the event daemon that they are helping you obtain!


maggie pie

Maggie Pie

3 ★ Healer Phantom


Max/MLB Attack: 4,800 / 6,107

Max/MLB HP: 4,700 / 5,980


Song of Love (MAX): Heals 3,088 / 3,928 to the ally with the lowest HP.


A basic 3* Healer. Sizeable raw stats, and a decent heal with correct targeting, but nothing actually notable of use.


Emilio’s Rating: 3.4 / 10 (Average 3*)




4 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 7,800 / 9,562

Max/MLB HP: 6,000 / 7,356


Other Side of the Universe (MAX): Heals 3,273 / 4,015 HP to ally with the highest ATK. Increases targets crit rate by 30 / 37% for a limited time

The First (Lvl 45): Increases Skill DMG of all team members by 8% when this daemon is team leader


Sputnik looks like a 4* version of Holy Grail – ranged: check. Big heal on skill: check. 30/37% Crit rate on skill: check. The difference is in the passive however and it is a very big difference. Grail excels and is arguably the best buffer in the game because of her huge crit damage boost, which is both stacking and perfectly compliments her ability – the crit rate buff amount means you want to use her skill twice and in doing this you get a ridiculous 120% critical damage bonus from applying the passive twice.

Sputnik on the other hand has a much more modest 8% skill damage to team. This is a constant and in not having something to stack/compliment her skill actually makes her skill use weaker. 37% simply isn’t enough to produce nice red numbers all over the place. This means you have to use her skill twice – so 3 orbs – just for maximum crit rate to one target.

As a 4* she isn’t terrible. She is after all fairly well statted, a crit buffer focusing the damage dealer and has a team boost. The numbers however simply do not do enough to make her competitive. A stop gap for new players waiting for a better crit buffer.


Emilio’s Rating: 5 / 10 (Slightly above average 4*)


milkana wayford

Milkana Wayford [Formal Wear]

4 ★ Healer Phantom


Max/MLB Attack: 6,200 / 7,601

Max/MLB HP: 6,400 / 7,846


Cosmic Romance (MAX): Heals 2,136 / 2,620 HP to the 2 allies with the lowest percentage of HP. Increases targets speed by 18 / 22% for a limited time

Hopeless Romantic (Lvl 60): Restores 5% HP every 5 seconds


A healer focused purely on healing. Doesn’t do enough to be useful unfortunately. The heal amount is good enough but the additional benefit of the small speed boost is too small to be effective. Her first passive makes her very tanky but this is basically her only plus point.

Similar as a daemon to Lady Kushinada and Ogetsu Hime – neither of which see any use.


Emilio’s Rating: 4.3 / 10 (Below average 4*)


Orihime [Formal Wear]

5 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 11,500 / 13,722

Max/MLB HP: 8,700 / 10,381


True Raiment of Heaven (MAX): Deals 4,140 / 4,938 DMG to an enemy (Ranged Priority). Target takes 36 / 43% more DMG for a limited time.

Gazing Eyes (Lvl 27): Increases Crit DMG by 30%

A New Legend (Lvl 75): Reduces DMG taken by 25% when Hikoboshi [Formal Wear] is on the team.


A single target ranged daemon with a damage amp debuff. Sadly a relatively weak one. Let’s look at a table for comparison vs those that don’t have a second daemon on team requirement (e.g Titanium Elf and Azi).


Orihime Amanojaku (10) Lucky Quiver (8.6) Francisco (8.5) Shomakyo (8.0)
Auto Attacks 1,866 2,497 1,873 2,327 1,666
Skill DMG 8,227 13,229 6,617 10,347 8,518
Debuff % 43% 72% 61% 40% 47%
EHP 9,657 / 12,583 11,864 8,547 10,212 8,658
Other None None 14% Anima Crit None 20% Reflect


*All values are at MLB and on the Final Wave


So other than highlighting how ridiculous Amanojaku is being 1st in every area, what does this table show us. Orihime is sort of on the low end for everything and wouldn’t be my preference vs 3 of the others in the table.

Quiver may have less skill damage, but her debuff is significantly higher and is the only daemon in the table with a team boost (and as a 14% crit rate boost – a very good one at that). Francisco without his crit rate boost is slightly worse off than Orihime (1,754 autos, 7,800 skill damage), but on the final wave when his crit bonus kicks in (and where it really matters) he wins out by a big margin in terms of damage at the loss of only 3% debuff. Shomakyo is the most comparable out of the 4 to Orihime, with a similar skill damage, slightly higher debuff but slightly lower auto attack (but his passive does allow him to provide more damage albeit slight).

It’s not that Orihime is a bad card – she’s still a nuker with a debuff which has always been the best type of card. It’s just that out of all the high end ones she’s realistically bottom of the pile. If this is one of a new players first events then she is a fantastic pick up, and only one copy unlocks all of her damage. For long time players however she is unlikely to beat any of the other options available (FYI I also have TE and Azi as higher rated).


Emilio’s Rating: 8 / 10 (Mid-High tier 5*)


Sun Wukong

5 ★ Melee Phantom


Max/MLB Attack: 9,200 / 10,978

Max/MLB HP: 9,700 / 11,575


Supernatural Feast (MAX): Deals 2,575 / 3,071 DMG to the 3 enemies with the Lowest HP with a moderate chance of inflicting silence.

Monkey King (Lvl 66): Normal attacks have a 60% chance to inflict stun when HP is below 50%.

Journey to the West (Lvl 82): Increases ATK speed by 45% when one of “Journey to the West” is on the team


Sigh. This one makes me the saddest of the lot. This is the rank card after all so it should be something to fight to obtain, but I honestly think it’s the weakest of the set (not literally, obviously I would rather have it over the 3* healer… but expectation wise and for its class definitely).

His base skill damage number is slightly higher than average for a 3 target skill, but since he is melee his effective damage output ends up on the low side even compared to others who do not have self damage buffs (daemon like Medusa, Kada, Umibozu etc all have 4.2-4.4k effective skill damage, while Wukong is 3,797). The silence chance is obviously an added CC but at moderate chance probably isn’t even high enough to be useful.

His passives are also both useless. 60% stun chance on normals might seem nice – but it’s only when he is below 50% life, so essentially won’t happen very often at all. 45% IAS also seems nice – but the condition is to have one of the 4* helpers on the team who are all mediocre at best. This means you will waste another team slot in order to get Wukong up to … that’s right – the same auto damage as an average 5* ranged daemon (1,711).

His high HP stat gives him some extra bulk, but that’s honestly the only good thing about him. A decent comparison would be to Tits McGee…I mean err…Helmetta Egil, yes that was her name! She had a 50% IAS boost on the final wave, a 10% stun chance but permanently – so two similar passives but better ones overall than Wukong. The downside was her skill damage was far too low even if it did come with a damage amplifying debuff. In the end, both are in the same boat – one that sails into the distance to probably never be seen again (unless you like staring at your collection screen often).


Emilio’s Rating: 6.3 / 10 (Weak 5*)


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