Top 4-Star Daemons For Limit Breaking Orb

Top 4-Star Daemons For Limit Breaking Orb

Mitama’s latest update introduced the 4-star limit breaking orb. As predicted, the cost of the orb is 800 PVP pts, which is equivalent to the mochi conversion rate of a 5-star limit breaking orb. Here is a list of the top 4-star daemons to limit break.

God Tiers

Book of 5 Rings: LB0 -> MLB (40% Crit DMG boost for 2 highest Attack allies)

Great Tiers

Aka ‘Red’ Chochin [X’mas 2]: A high percentage single target damage buffer

Amanojaku: LB0 -> LB2 (Increase Amano’s debuff % and unlock virulent poison)

Apollo’s Harp: LB0 -> LB2 (Unlock Harp’s 25% AOE Crit DMG buff)

Amanojaku: LB2 -> LB4 (Increase Amano’s debuff %)

Katsushika Hokusai: LB0 -> LB4 (Book of 5 Rings has superseded him but he is still really good)

Situational Tiers

Amanogawa: LB0 -> LB4 (Useful for those who do not have any proper nukers)

Zirco Elf: LB0 -> LB3 (May be useful for those who use elf teams but do not have good reserves)

Nephila Clavata: LB0 -> LB1 (Is the only 4 star substitute (poor) for Philosopher’s Stone in World Boss)

Avnas: LB0 -> LB3 (Deal 10% more DMG to all melee foes, good for Conquest and World Boss)

Any Event Helper: LB0 -> LB4 (You can choose to limit break an event helper and save 50 mochis)

Farming Tiers

Cosimo d’ Medici: LB0 -> LB2 (15% Drop rate)

Gold Ring: LB0 -> LB1 (One of the highest soulstone passive in game)

He Shi Bi: LB0 -> LB1 (10% Drop rate)

Hymenaios: LB0 -> LB1 (12% Drop rate)

Genjo: LB0 -> LB1 (10% EXP bonus)

Lady Yodo: LB0 -> LB2 (15% EXP bonus)

Wakatoshi: LB0 -> LB1 (5% EXP bonus)

Assist Daemons

X’mas Lights: To inflict equivalent of 10% DMG taken debuff from autos

Ptolemy and his variants: To change any daemon into a tank

Kay Kagen and Grandmaster Shinmen: For wave based damage boost, mainly for Endless Mode

Saigyo or Star Atop X’mas Tree: For Crit DMG boost on your attacker – only if you do not use Cheshire Cat or Matsuo Basho

2019 Update

Qtphi21: At this point in the game only Book of 5 Rings is really worth spending 4 star orbs on. Other than that the 4 star orb is minimally equivalent to 50 Mochis for trading a copy of the event helper 4 star.

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