Tower Calculator V1.09

Tower Calculator V1.09

Update: V1.09, March 14, 2017

Version Comments
1.00 Calculator created.
1.01 UI improvements.
1.02 Fixed max SE values for levels past 100, and simplified formulas for precision.
1.03 Fixed a small error when current level = 1. Added assumptions.
1.04 Calculated expected final level based on EXP earned.
1.05 Increased precision of expected final level based on EXP earned.
1.06 Adjusted MAX SE after level 100.
1.07 Changed event helper percentages.
1.08 Added new EXP ratios, calculator now works for players up to level 400.
1.09 Fixed level cap restriction, calculator now works for players up to level 500.


Ever wondered how many potions it takes to reach 15,000 event currency drops? Ever wondered how many points you can earn with your existing potions? Introducing Otogi Tower Calculator!

What is it?

It’s a simple calculator – well an Excel spreadsheet – that takes on a few inputs and produces 4 outputs. The calculator is used for Tower events, to help users predict how many potions they’ll need to use to achieve their goals, based on their situation. We’ve made the calculator so that it considers your playing time, current level, level ups, and event helpers.

How do I use it?

Download the Excel file here, and follow the instructions. You must download, do not try to open it via Google Spreadsheets! Input values in the green cell only. Here’s an example.

2 thoughts on “Tower Calculator V1.09”

  • Concerning event point percentage and drop percentage, i think there is a probleme with it since excell accepts a coma in calculation operations instead of the point (full stop), The default value is using the coma while in the drop down menu the percentage choices given use a point which results in an error “!VALUE” when it calculates the total event points. If you could correct it, that would be amazing and thank you in advance.
    Also my final level is displayed as 200 when my starting level is 253 that’s weird when i used it, there might be problem somewhere.

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