Two Santas Daemon Analysis: Turkey Lurkey, Leviathan, Chirizukakaiou, Knecht Ruprecht and Miss Santa

Two Santas Daemon Analysis: Turkey Lurkey, Leviathan, Chirizukakaiou, Knecht Ruprecht and Miss Santa
Turkey Lurkey

Turkey Lurkey [Xmas 3]

3 ★ Healer Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 4,600 / 5,853

Max/MLB HP: 5,100 / 6,489


The Final Poultry (MAX): Increases the Crit Rate of the ally with the highest ATK by 57 / 73% for a limited time

Premium Food Ingredients (lvl 70): Increases EXP gained by 7%


The previous event saw an upgrade to a base set 3* Azukiarai in Hansel, and this event now sees an upgrade to another base 3* in Hanzo’s Uniform. Turkey Lurkey comes with better stats, an extra 5% crit buff, a healer status (which is much more useful than the other two for lower star daemon who are simply there to boost your other daemon anyway) and a small EXP boost tacked on.

Turkey is simply a useful, easy to acquire daemon for beginners, and for long timers a free replacement for Hanzo (if you happen to still use it in conquest early stages) or a final piece in an EXP team.

Emilio’s Rating: 6.5 / 10 (High Tier 3*)

Qtphi21: On top of that, Naryuu really has raised the game for artwork on 3 star daemons. Incredibly detailed and beautiful, as befitting a main character in this events’ storyline.



4 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 7,400 / 9,072

Max/MLB HP: 6,800 / 8,336


Super Tsunami (MAX): Heals 1,503 / 1,843 to the 2 allies with the highest ATK. Targets deal 30 / 37% more damage for a limited time

The great monster of the Sea (lvl 70): Increases crit DMG of 2 Phantasma allies by 15% at the start of each wave


Leviathan is all about her passive. Her stats are oddly skewed towards HP (she has the highest base HP among 4* Range daemon but is on the low end for ATK), and her skill is just okay but nothing to shout home about (very similar to Joan of Arc [Firework]’s skill), but her passive is very strong. It’s a slightly less powerful version of Sarayashiki’s passive which was 20% but it does share the same issue of only being 2 Phantom targets, leading it to be random targets if you have more than 3 Phantom on the same team. With damage caps on auto attacks and skills (99,999 and 999,999) there is actually a limit to how much of these types of effects you want on a team. A high end player will find it easy to hit these in conquest already anyway so a daemon like this probably won’t be of much use. For newer players who probably couldn’t rank for Sarayashiki anyway this is a very useful addition and could help a lot in both Conquest and Endless modes.

Emilio’s Rating: 7.4 / 10 (High Tier 4*)

Qtphi21: A budget version of Sarayashiki. Decent for her passive.



4 ★ Melee Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 6,000 / 7,356

Max/MLB HP: 7,100 / 8,704


Avalanche of Dust (MAX): Deals 811 / 994 DMG to all enemies, decreases targets speed by 30 / 37% for a limited time

The king of tool Kamis (lvl 67): Increases DMG of Anima team members by 5%


Worst daemon of the set. Slightly above average stats, but very low skill damage with a weak CC attached. Nothing really to see here.

Emilio’s Rating: 3.8 / 10 (Low Tier 4*)

Qtphi21: While she is actually the King of Garbage, the fact is that in the event storyline, she makes a really good point: Christmas these days has been so commercialized and is so much about consumerism that an absolute ton of waste gets generated. Please have a care for the environment during the festive season.

Knecht Ruprecht

Knecht Ruprecht [Xmas 3]

5 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 11,700 / 13,961

Max/MLB HP: 8,800 / 10,501


Gift from the Archdemon (MAX): Deals 2,387 / 2,847 DMG to 3 enemies (ranged priority) with a high chance of inflicting stun

Dark Santa (lvl 75): At the start of the final wave the enemy with the most HP takes 20% more damage


Knecht is back but this time rather than being a healer slayer as he was in his first appearance he is a multi targeter focusing on the back line. His most direct and recent comparison would be to Zeus so let’s take a look:

Knecht [Xmas 3]Zeus
Auto ATK1,7102,152
Skill DMG4,272 (Range Priority)4,872 (Range Priority)
Skill EffectStun (High Chance)Stun (High Chance)
Others / Team EffectFinal Wave Highest HP Enemy +20% DMG TakenReduces Enemy Crit DMG 25%

So Zeus wins out for his own damage however Knecht provides effectively a team boost in damage to compensate. At the same time however Zeus comes with a fairly powerful defensive passive in reducing the enemies critical damage. Overall however neither comes close to the damage dealing potential of the high end 3 target AoE daemon such as Muramasa [Anniversary 2], Mercury Aurum, Yatagarasu, Antikythera and Kappa and 3 of these do come with team damage boosting abilities as well (20% Damage, 10% Damage, 20% Crit Damage).

Overall Knecht is simply an above average daemon thanks to his passive which is pretty nice, but just isn’t good enough for competitive use. 2 copies for his passive means a newer player can have a nice starter AoE and a solid reserve for bosses if required.

Emilio’s Rating: 7.7 / 10 (Above average 5*)

Qtphi21: Decent wave clearer with enemy debuff ability, fairly accessible (at 2 copies) for new player.

Miss Santa

Miss Santa [Xmas 3]

5 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 13,000 / 15,512

Max/MLB HP: 8,000 / 9,546


Gift from the Archdemon (MAX): Heals allies by 505 / 602 and increases their damage dealt by 45 / 53%

(lvl 70): Increases Divina DMG by 7%

(lvl 88): Increases Divina Crit DMG by 6% at the start of each wave


So the rank daemon is unsurprisingly the best of the bunch. How good? well let’s see. Starting with stats 13,000 ATK is premium level, but actually notably less than Minamoto no Yoshitsune – the main Divina DMG dealer, so whilst her own active will always hit everyone she doesn’t take certain buffs provided by other daemon away that only target the highest ATK (or 2) daemon who you would rather have on daemon who use their skill to do damage. 8,000 HP is okay/sufficient but might be a little on the low side for world boss – it should just be enough to survive anyway (although whether you would use her for WB is a different question, I think her second passive is her main strength and this only gets 1 stack there).

Let’s look at her kit as a whole: A big damage boost to all allies – 53% is the joint highest in the game with Sola and Otakemaru, A small further damage boost to all Divina on top, and a great wave stacking Crit DMG boost to all Divina (conquest floor 200 would make it 30% crit damage to all which is very nice). This is a very strong kit. 2 big boosts to two different parts of the damage calculation is fantastic, and I would go as far as to say that this daemon combined with Yoshitsune (and the crit buffing Minamoto?) means pure Divina is definitely viable. I would even be interested in actually bringing back the Elf Idols (Platina and Aurum) with Rudolph the Red Nose Assist in reserves to try and get a permanently critting Divina team – although my gut instinct says the opportunity cost in the reserve slots will mean it’s not enough to compete properly.

But let’s get back to Miss Santa. Would you use her in each event type? Well:

  • World Boss: Maybe in some sort of auto attack based team, but I feel like it isn’t complete and having the Crit DMG passive at one wave only is a bit weak
  • Conquest: For sure. Fantastic daemon perfectly suited for it
  • Tower: Unlikely since the only daemon that should really go here are Farming types (unless you struggle a lot to clear)
  • Endless: Yes for a Divina based team. The small heal can actually turn into a full heal on crit thanks to her own passive. Not possible to go for high floors yet as this requires a flat HP boost which only Anima and Phantasma have.

So is Santa worth it overall? I think so. If the first passive was a different type of boost I think it would make the card busted. Speaking of busted cards the Queen of the entire game is Sola who is 100% the best card in the game, and Miss Santa is comparable albeit obviously weaker – take a peek below.

DaemonMiss Santa [Xmas 3]Sola (Leader slot)
Auto ATK2,123 (wave 4)1,691 (Heal)
Skill Heal1,009 (wave 4)1,011
Skill Effect45 / 53% DMG to Allies45 / 53% DMG to Allies
Others / Team Effect7% Divina DMG6% Divina Crit DMG Per wave15 Levels to Allies40% Crit DMG to Allies

As said before on 5 waves Santa becomes 30% Crit DMG to Divina so her skill is equal and second passive isn’t too far off (although having the Crit DMG stack up slowly over waves makes clearing noticeably slower), but Sola’s First passive is what makes her absolutely insane and why she is so dominant since it is essentially ~14% DMG and HP to all allies whilst boosting their active skill buffs as well. Santa’s 7% Divina DMG is actually her weak point (and sadly this was changed in leaks from a much stronger alternative), however for Santa to be not terribly far off the games best card is something to take note of.

Emilio’s Rating: 9.0 / 10 (God Tier)

Qtphi21: Santa received a massive upgrade over her original form. If anyone remembers her original form had a team wide heal plus damage boost (heavy on the HP boost but light on the DMG boost). This version has much improved percentages and stats. It still cannot be stressed enough that she is still a ranged daemon unlike Sola who is a healer. That makes her more similar (in my opinion) to Joan [Fireworks] and Otakemaru [Pure Love] than Sola / Cherry / Orpheus in terms of actual utility. For stability of the team you still need to bring along a healer on tougher stages.

Miss Santa, 2016

24 thoughts on “Two Santas Daemon Analysis: Turkey Lurkey, Leviathan, Chirizukakaiou, Knecht Ruprecht and Miss Santa”

  • I’m in the running for lb3 Miss. Santa, the best rank in the game for me. I’ll use this months orb [I’m always so behind) to fully unlock her. She’ll be my best card then. With Yoshi (still needs 4 orbs) and Mercury I might have the makings of a good team.

    • Don’t know if you managed lb3, but given that you have:
      1) Santa lb3 – buffer(pure) + pinch healer + great dmg dealer
      2)Yoshi – buffer(crit) + team leader + great dmg dealer
      3) Mercury – Godly dmg dealer + Wave/minion clearer + Cutie pie (MOST IMPORTANT point)
      You still seem to lack a good front line tank. For me, I have Kintaro [Yokozuna]85, or Suzuka Gozen if a switch is needed.

      If the leaks are true (as in remains unchanged upon release), Titianium Elf will be Divina’s answer to Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day]…. Hope its true!!!
      Then, TE will be the best to fit ur team too, just find a suitable friend tank afterwards…

        • OOPS!

          Kinds misread Yoshi as Yoritomo…
          But anyway, with Titanium Elf out, she has Yoshi beat
          At 70, Yoshi has 6000 + 45% dmg debuff, vs Titanium elf 5300 + 66%, with bonus from ELFs, so TE wins at lvl 70.
          At MLB, Yoshi has 7100 + 53% + 20% crit dmg vs Titanium elf 6400 + 78%, with bonus from ELFs, 28% ONLY at last wave… Given that dmg debuff caps around 80%, TE gives max dmg after 1 skill use, but Yoshi’s 20% is expected to buff himself… It seems like TE loses out in the multi-stage side, but more than makes up for it in BOSS fights… 28% vs 20% is a pretty big difference… Though, if we add Sola as team leader, TE will have a total level of 125?

  • I’d really appreciate if you could release reviews of the limited jewel summons before they disappear, because I honestly dont know what to think about them… but I know its the holidays so you might be too busy… anyhow, happy holidays everyone and thanks for all the efforts you put to help us with the game ^^

    • I’m abroad atm so it would be down to qtphi but I think they are also busy. Tree is an easy pick up for 200 mochi to get free exp and soul stones. Satan is pretty similar to Shiva I think. Will be big damage AoE…but no team ability so not sure really how it will get used. Tree can be used on multiple daemon and stack, but I don’t think I would personally use invokers for it. I’m going to keep saving myself (there’s a potentially OP Titanium Elf coming next week, even if it’s in the general pool I will use invokers for that if it’s OP)

      • I think I’m going to wait too, I’m near 99 invokers and 700 mochis. Maybe I’ll buy a copy of Tree for free xp and her second ability seems good but I have so many daemons to limit break and stones are so precious… thanks for taking the time to answer and for all your work it is really appreciated. I really wonder about that new elf now ^^

      • Just saw the leaks… Hopefully the Titanium elf is true, then I’ll be able to aim for a Divina Team!
        Already have the following:
        1) Kintaro [Yokozuna] – 85. Need MLB?
        2) Miss Santa [Christmas]- lvl 1, hopefully will be able to MLB or something later. If not its going to be a long 2+ months…
        3) Mercury Elf – 70 for now, Sadly only 1 copy, will probably need a few months to make her usable. Need min lvl 78 right?
        4) Yoritomo Minamoto – 70 too ;_;Probably going to pack him off to be if Titanium Elf v2 is useful enough…
        5) Suzuka Gozen -75, so already got the ability, but, yeah, bench material…
        6) Titanium Elf? Yup, 6 will have enough room to play around with for basic team building…

        Only have mochi for 1 more Pisces (lb1 max), so should I aim for her? Because she seems kinds… iffy for now… Jack of ALLLLLLL trades, which means if I have less than 4 good members to stuff in the team she will be useful, but otherwise…she’s just… well, there…AND unless I’m mistaken, I have the beginnings of a good enough Divina team already without her…

        Missed too much of the top class Divinas…

        • She’s out now! She looks pretty amazing, her only possible downside is that she needs another elf to be +20 and theres no other top tier elves for world boss afaik.

          • Yep I noticed. Would Helium or Nickel elf count too,considering I never had the chance to get Mercury Elf.

          • Yup, they count too. But they aren’t strong enough to be placed in the team, and placing them in reserve wastes 1 reserve slot… but for Titanium Elf, it should be fine, as long as you also attach a team assist ability.

  • Leviathan is Phantasma though. And Stella Pisces was recently released and I was wondering how you would rate her. Is she worth investing in?

    • Mistakes will be made! Thanks for pointing it out 🙂 I’m on holiday at the moment so I can’t look at things fully, but Pisces doesn’t appear great. It’s okay but two target with a middle debuff is awkward imo, and the passives aren’t quite enough. Probably 7.6 ish but I will have to look at it more when I get back in a couple of weeks

  • I have to disagree that while Miss Santa 2018 is useful and has some helpful abilities, they’re only useful and helpful under certain circumstances and very specific teams created with her in mind, her ability numbers are just too low. With better daemons that we’re available before her, I don’t believe that she is a God Tier daemon, around an 8 would be fair but definitely not a 9.

    • Sola is a be all end all team leader n team buffer… And Santa 2018 is a budget sola, who does not need the team leader spot, so you can switch the leader to yoshitsune, which gives another 10% dmg and also increased crit rate skill. Solidly a 9. If the ability had been team leader dependent, then yes I’d have agrees with you

    • I looked into Emilio’s ratings and to put things into context:
      Sola: 10.0
      Otakemaru: 9.5
      Cherry Blossom Front: 9.1
      Miss Santa (2018): 9.0
      Orpheus: 8.4
      Freyr: 8.0
      Joan [Fireworks]: 7.1
      Miss Santa (2016): 6.1

      The 2018 Miss Santa has a similar percentage damage boost similar to Cherry, who is rated 9.1, so actually 9.0 is fair, given Cherry provides a type limited team passive, similar to that of Miss Santa.

      But all in all the ratings are opinion based, and you are free to disagree with the rating given. Also even if a daemon is rated highly, if he/she does not fit the team that you have then it might not always make sense to pursue the daemon. Eg, if you run full Phantasma and have ignored Divina so far, suddenly going for Miss Santa without any other Divina to take advantage of her skill would not make sense for your team.

    • The ratings are solely my opinion (and to be fair literally no one is moderating so it is honestly JUST my opinion only), so feel free to disagree (that’s also stated in the ratings spreadsheet xD), but how are her figures low? It’s the highest all dmg % buff, and the best stacking crit DMG buff? The low one is her first passive, but this is in addition to two fantastic abilities already. Her passives are Divina only but all her abilities affect everyone. The difference between 8 and 9 is quite a lot I think. That would put her level with daemon like Zeus, Freyr, Huanglong…I don’t think the team has to be that specific as you think. I’d be curious for you to list the better daemon, I imagine the ones you name I will have rated at least 8.5 anyway

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