The Hina Doll Squad Event Daemon Analysis: Wanyuudou, Daidarabotchi, Zhang Jiao, Yaobikuni, Okita Soji

The Hina Doll Squad Event Daemon Analysis: Wanyuudou, Daidarabotchi, Zhang Jiao, Yaobikuni, Okita Soji



3 ★ Melee Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 4000/5090

Max/MLB HP: 5000/6361


Swirling Flames (MAX): Deals 2652/3372 DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP, with a moderate chance of inflicting Burn.


This tower was filled with spelling errors, with Wanyuudou constantly called Onyuudou throughout the tower story. There typically isn’t much to be said for the event 3 ★: low stats (as expected), low-ish skill DMG (Tokarev Pistol does more at 3009). While her burn does up her damage output, it isn’t enough to make her worth keeping when much better daemons are available.

Where she succeeds is in being an absolute pest on the final stage, 4-40, with a massive amount of HP to match her screen filling size (thanks to being pumped up on evil energy). As the event boss her targeting of the lowest HP member of your team increases the chance of failing to achieve the ‘no death’ achievement on clearing the stage, thus making the final chapter difficult to ace. Her record breaking HP also means that players also struggle to complete the stage within ⅓ time (or even completion on time at all, for players without a good debuffer and nuker on their teams).


Nex Rating: Junk

Emilio Rating: Standard 3* Fodder


Daidarabotchi Green

Daidarabotchi [Green]

4 ★ Melee Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 5700/6988

Max/MLB HP: 6400/7847


Green Giant (MAX): Deals 633/773 DMG to all enemies. Targets take 18/22% more DMG for a limited time.

Giant Transformation (lvl 60): Moderately increases Max HP and restores 2.5% HP every 5 seconds.


Chapter 9 story daemon is back as part of the super hero team. She hits all enemies for a low damage, and inflicts a low damage debuff. This makes her quite pointless to use, with much better AoE hitters, or debuffers available or released previously. She retains her original form’s HP boosting and auto recovery ability with minimal change.

Because of her ability, she does have a fairly high effective HP. However, if effective HP is one’s main goal, one would be much better off still with a proper 5★ tank like Cyclops, currently available in the exchange.


Nex Rating: Junk

Emilio Rating: An above average 4* but nothing special (pretty similar to her original version)


Zhang Jiao Yellow

Zhang Jiao [Yellow]

4 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 8400/10298

Max/MLB HP: 6000/7356


Yellow Sky (MAX): Deals 1762/2162 DMG to the 3 enemies with the highest ATK, with a moderate chance of inflicting Paralysis.

Yellow Turban (lvl 28): Sharply increases Crit DMG (30%)


Zhang Jiao / Zhang Jue / Zhang Rue (whatever his name is) deals damage to 3 targets. His stats are decent, being ranged. His ‘sharp’ crit DMG boost is 30%.


Daemon Attack Max/MLB HP Max/MLB Skill DMG Max/MLB Targeting (3 enemies) Abilities MLB True Autos MLB Effective Skill DMG
Yatagarasu [Festival] 12000/14319 8700/10381 2991/3571

High chance Burn

Highest ATK Lv 80: Moderately increases DMG of all Phantasma allies. 1929 5894
Belphegor 11000/13126 7150/8533 2674/3194 Highest ATK Lv 39: Slightly decrease (5%) the ATK speed of all foes at the start of each wave.

Lv 80: Sharply increases (20%) skill DMG.

1608 5575
Roman Candell 8700/10666 6200/7602 2393/2933

Moderate chance Burn

Ranged Priority Lv 60: Significantly increases (50%) DMG dealt at the start of the final wave. 1306

1959 (final wave)


6197 (final wave)

Antikythera 10000/11933 7800/9307 2575/3075 Ranged Priority Lv 63: Sharply increases (20%) all Anima team members’ critical DMG. Lv 90: Sharply increases (23%) critical rate. 1953 6166
Titania 7270/8914 5200/6376 1849/2269 Ranged Priority Lv 64: Moderately (10%) increases DMG dealt by Phantasma team members when this daemon is team leader. 1201 3516
Firework Artist Kagi 8150/9992 6000/7356 1513/1853 Melee Priority Lv 30: Sharply increases Skill DMG.

Special bond with Firework Artist Tama: increases Skill DMG. (assumed 10%)

1224 3364
Zhang Jiao [Yellow] 8400/10298 6000/7356 1762/2162

Moderate chance Paralysis

Highest Atk Lv 28: Sharply increases Crit DMG (30%) 1400 3381

His damage output is also comparable to 4★ Titania, available from story completion, and Firework Artisan Kagi. However, even if his Crit DMG boost is considered, he still does not come close to out damaging the top tier 3 target 4★ like Roman Candell, not to mention 5★ like Yatagarasu [Festival].


Nex Rating: Junk

Emilio Rating: Not particularly useful, as is nearly every other 4* damage dealer.


Yaobikuni Leader

Yaobikuni [Leader]

5 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 11800/14081

Max/MLB HP: 7900/9428


Black Mermaid (MAX): Deals 4762/5682 DMG to 1 enemy (melee priority), with a high chance of inflicting weak poison.

Hidden Determination (lvl 71): Sharply increases DMG dealt (40%) and Sharply reduce DMG taken (30%) at the start of the final wave.


30% and 40% are the new 20%. It seems like Mitama has decided to amp up power creep by varying the percentage associated with the ‘sharp’ descriptor more. The first daemon released recently with this 40% sharp descriptor was Restless Ghost [Christmas II]. Rather than being an aberration, perhaps we will see more daemons with 30% and 40% ‘sharp’ skill descriptors.

Yaobikuni is a simple damage dealer, dealing straight damage to a melee opponent. Melee targeting isn’t the most ideal, unless of course facing a melee boss (and you can’t be bothered to deal with the ranged brute hiding behind). Targeting is irrelevant on single target stages like World Boss.

Her effective stats (with full skill bonds) are as follows:

MLB true autos:
14081*1.225/10= 1724
14081*1.4*1.225/10 = 2414 (final wave)

MLB skill dmg:
5682*1.225*1.225= 8526
5682*1.225*1.4*1.225= 11937 (final wave)

Effective HP:
9428/1.075= 8770
9428/(1+0.075-0.30)= 12,165 (final wave)

She has really high effective HP and her damage dealt boost increases her auto attacks. World Boss battles would be where she excels, having really high effective HP to tank the WB nukes, and high auto attacks. With the world boss being a single stage battle, only her final wave stats are relevant. And with no brutes to deal with, targeting is also not a priority.

Daemon Attack Max/MLB HP Max/ MLB Skill DMG Max/MLB Targeting Abilities (at MLB) MLB Autos (Crit considered) MLB effective Skill (Full skill / special bonds and Crits) MLB Effective HP
Amor 12200/14558 8900/10620 5189/6187 Lowest HP 44: High probability (50%) of moderately increasing (10%) DMG at the start of each wave

79: Significantly increases (50%) the skill DMG of the 2 allies with the highest ATK at the start of the final wave.

0 Proc: 1783

1 Proc: 1961

2 Proc: 2138

3 Proc: 2318

4 Proc: 2497

5 Proc: 2675

0 Proc + final wave: 13073

1 Proc+ final wave: 14367

2 Proc + final wave: 15688

3 Proc + final wave: 16996

4 Proc + final wave: 18303

5 Proc + final wave: 19610

Satan 11000/13126 8300/9904 4041/4821

Decrease Target’s speed by 30%/36%

Highest Atk 68: Deals sharply more DMG. (23%)

80: Sharply increases Crit Rate at the start of the Final wave.


2300 (final wave)


11999 (final wave)

Yaobikuni 11800/14081 7900/9428 4762/5682 Melee Priority 71: Sharply increases DMG dealt (40%) and Sharply reduce DMG taken (30%) at the start of the final wave. 1724

2414 (final wave)


11937 (final wave)

Leonardo Da Vinci 11200/13365 8000/9546 4853/5793

High Chance of inflicting Paralysis

Highest Atk 23: Sharply increase Crit DMG (30%)

85: Sharply increase DMG dealt (20%) and Slightly Reduce DMG taken (5%)

2181 11581 9313
Nekogami 12000/14319 8000/9546 3922/4682

Decrease Target’s speed by 30%/36%

Current Target 63: Sharply increase Crit Rate (21%)

83: Significantly increase Crit Damage (50%)

2678 10725 8880
Titania [New Year] 11800/14081 7700/9188 5160/6157 Highest HP 70: Slightly increase Crit Rate (5%)

74: Sharply increase Crit DMG by Phantom team members if Titania is team leader

Special bond: 5% increase in crit rate with New Year Game (adds 5% to HP)

1950 10446 8546

8974(with NYG bond)

Guillotine 11800/14081 7700/9188 5081/6061

Decrease Target’s speed by 30%/36%

Highest HP 45: Moderately increase skill DMG (15%)

83: Highest HP enemy deals 20% less DMG at start of each wave

1725 10208 8546
Platina Elf 11000/13126 7500/8949 4774/5694 Highest Atk 85: Moderate chance of inflicting stun

Moderately increase Divina team members when Aurum Elf is on the team

1903 10121 8324
Oda Tenmoku 11200/13365 8800/10501 5576/6676 Highest Atk 36: Skill attacks have a significant chance of inflicting Stun.

75: Sharply reduces DMG taken

1637 9985 12001

For newer players struggling to keep their nuker alive on world boss battles, Yaobikuni is a life saver. It is relatively easy to acquire her at LB1, where her ability unlocks. You can get 1 copy from Tower completion, and trade 1 copy with the Hina Cracker drops one acquires along the way to event completion. Getting LB2 would require a relatively affordable amount of items, but MLB can be relatively pricey. Veterans with high LB of other top tier nukers don’t really need her; Yaobikuni reinforces rather than breaks the current meta of phantasma dominance (see the density of Phantasma daemons at the top end of the table). However, her incredible tankiness compared to the other ranged nukers (excepting Oda Tenmoku who also has a damage reduction ability) could make her worthwhile. With both Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day] and Yaobikuni packing damage reduction abilities, expect to see the World Boss produce ever higher damage in order to challenge those teams.


Nex Rating: Powerful Nuker. Both offensively and defensively.

Emilio: Top tier card. Beats out other nukers (ignoring Amano’s special tier by herself) and is stupidly tanky. Easy for newer players to pick up lb1 to unlock her abilities and have a powerful nuker. Veterans can MLB her as well for options. No downsides or requirements (like Amor) to make her work.


Okita Soji Blue

Okita Soji [Blue]

5 ★ Melee Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 7900/9428

Max/MLB HP: 9300/11097


True Blue (MAX): Deals 1750/2090 DMG to all enemies. Targets deal 12/14% less DMG for a limited time.

Fashionably Blue (lvl 57): Sharply reduces DMG taken

Doll Squad (lvl 81): All “Doll Squad” allies deal slightly more DMG.


Starter daemon Okita Soji is back, finally acquiring a 5★ form. He skill hits all enemies, and reduces their damage output. This makes him similar to Juzumaru Tsunetsugu, with the main difference being Juzumaru provides a much larger damage reduction, and deals less damage with her skill. Okita himself should also prove to be a good tank, with a sharp damage reduction added to his melee typing.


Daemon Okita Soji [Blue] Juzumaru Tsunetsugu
Attack Max/MLB 7900/9428 7500/8949
HP Max/MLB 9300/11097 8200/9786
Skill Debuff Max/MLB 12/14% 54/64%
Skill DMG Max/MLB 1750/2090 921/1101
DMG reduction, level unlocked ‘Sharp’ 20%, level 57 ‘Sharp’ 20%, Level 83
Other abilities Lv 81: All “Doll Squad” allies deal slightly more DMG Lv 45: Moderately increases (15%) DMG dealt when one of the Five Swords under Heaven is on the team.
MLB Effective HP 15306 13497


In general daemons with Okita and Juzumaru’s skill set are popular amongst competitive PvP players. Both pack ‘sharp’ damage reduction abilities, with Okita having the higher HP. Juzumaru would probably be better at keeping your entire team alive, as she reduces the damage by the opposing team by a far larger amount. Both of them have relatively gimmicky abilities: Okita with the other Doll Squad members, and Juzumaru needing another of the 5 Swords Under Heaven. The 5 Swords in general are OK daemons to be used on competitive PvP – Dojigiri [Bride], Onimaru, Onimaru [Defiant] all being multitarget hitters favored by PvP players. Synergy among the Doll Squad would be harder to achieve, with options limited to 4★ like Daidarabotchi [Green] and Zhang Jiao [Yellow] and Oniichi Hogen[Red]. The other 5★ Doll Squad members would need to be acquired via Limited Jewel Summon – Ohina [Pink] and possibly the Legendary Defender Dairo (does Dairo count as Doll Squad? Anyone who can verify this please comment below).

Outside PvP, Okita Soji [Blue] would mainly serve as a damage absorber for your team on difficult stages. He would also pass as a wave clearing all target hitter, but his skill damage is relatively low compared to 3 target daemons who dish out larger skill damage.


Nex Rating: It’s so sad that they made him so junky considering his other 2 forms are relatively strong at their rarities.

Emilio Rating: Too weak sadly. Needed a bigger debuff % to at least be a pvp daemon. No real use as is.

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