World Boss Guide

World Boss Guide
  • The Game Mode
  • Rewards
  • The World Bosses and their Skills
  • Survival Strategies
  • Damage Strategies
  • Team Construction

The Game Mode

World Boss Event Rules (as per the game)

  1. There is a 23 hours cooldown period after each attack.
  2. Each attack consumes 30 spirit essence.
  3. The time limit for each boss is 5 minutes.
  4. After 4 minutes, BOSS will enter a charged up state. Concentrate firepower to interrupt and prevent BOSS from doing full screen AOE DMG.
  5. After 4.5 minutes, BOSS will enter berserk mode.
  6. Once BOSS is defeated, it will reappear with a higher level next time (Max Level 30)
  7. BOSS is immune to Poison, Burn and other status effects (Stun, Freeze, Petrification, Paralysis, Sleep and Silence).
  8. There is a 30 minute cooldown period after each BOSS is defeated.
  9. On the 1st of each month at 14:30 (GMT+8), players will be prohibited from entering the event and rewards will be tallied, it will take approximately 10 minutes, please wait patiently.
  10. Event will start on the 1st of each month 15:00 (GMT+8), BOSS level and ranking will be reset at the same time, you will receive the reward from last month.
  11. Once BOSS has been defeated, the rewards will be delivered to your inbox.
  12. Only players level 10 and above are able to participate.

Other game mode details:

  • Spirit Essence used on the stage will be returned to you ONCE a day if the stage is closed before the battle is completed. Subsequent closures will not return the SE spent.
  • Time extension daemons can extend the time limit for the boss – you receive more time post berserk.
  • The charged up state has a 10s timer. Deal at least 30k DMG within that timer to break the charge.
  • The BOSS can be affected by DMG taken, DMG reduction, Defence reduction and Speed alteration skills and abilities.
  • When a player leaves a Guild, the Guild DMG will be reduced immediately on the player’s departure.
  • A player’s total individual DMG will be added to the Guild’s DMG only after the player hits the World Boss as a member of the Guild.
  • You can estimate your damage against the Boss based on the Boss’s HP bar. 1 Bar is approximately equal to 2.5MIL of DMG.
  • Players start the stage with 3 skill shards
  • Skill shards drop every 5.5s
  • Skills take 20s to reset to a lower shard cost
  • Significant Game Mode Limits:
    • Skill DMG limit: 999,999
    • Auto DMG limit: 99,999
    • Speed boost limit: 100%
    • DMG reduction limit: 85%
    • Crit Rate limit 85%
    • Increase DMG taken limit (for WB ONLY): 75%


Individual Ranking

1-30020 Invokers
301-100010 Invokers
1001-25005 Invokers
2501-50003 Invokers
5001-100002 Invokers
100001-999991 Invoker

Guild Ranking

110 Invokers
2 and 35 Invokers
4-103 Invokers
11-202 Invokers
21-999991 Invoker

The World Bosses and their Skills

At this point in time there are 4 World Bosses. They rotate every month. Each boss has a different set of skills with different targeting and different pattern. Lower level bosses have less skills but repeat the skills that are available more frequently. The values are listed are prior to berserk mode.

The exact value and targeting of the skills are determined from me watching and pausing my previous World Boss videos, and may not be entirely accurate. If any error is noted in the tables below please comment below.

Please read Dianoia’s comments about the numbers on the buffs.

Do take note that:

  • Melee takes 15% less DMG
  • Healer takes neutral DMG
  • Ranged takes 15% more DMG

And these effects are reflected in the numbers below


Skill AnimationTargetDamageEffect
Purple SprinklesHighest ATK8400 (ranged)Chance of Silence
Falling logsRanged877 (approx ranged)Chance of Poison
Double Fist Smash, Vines emerge from groundAoE1200 (approx for healer)Slow and Paralysis
Single Fist smashFront row1170Stun
Boss pulls arms backwards Boss15% (approx)Increase DMG


Skill AnimationTargetDamageEffect
Flame throwerFront Row1000 (Healer) 1150 (Ranged) 850 (Melee)Chance of Burn
MissilesRanged (3)1000 (healer)1150 (ranged)400 points Defence Reduction
Black BallRandom Ranged (1)6900 (ranged)Chance of Petrifaction
Lightning BoltHealer (1)6000 (healer)Chance of Paralysis
Floating BubbleBossCleanse Status Effects


Skill AnimationTargetDamageEffect
Single purple beamLowest HP6325 (ranged)Increase DMG taken 20%
Double purple beamsRanged (2) 2300 (ranged)Decrease Crit Rate
Boss raises both handsAll daemons1000 (healer)1150 (ranged) Chance of Poison
Boss spins with a bubble surrounding herBoss35%?Increase DMG
Ice shards fall (after charge break and post berserk) Ranged (3)2587 (ranged)Chance of Freeze


Skill AnimationTargetDamageEffect
Uppercut Boss raises right hand, upwards movementLowest HP (2)1600 (healer)Paralysis
Purple pools around daemon, boss waves hands like conductorAll daemons1300 (healer)Chance of Stun
Purple Vertical BeamRanged (1)6450 (ranged)Chance of Silence
Hug / SlashMelee (2)2150 (ranged)Chance of Poison
Boss pulls arms backwardsBossCleanse of debuffs and status effects

Survival Strategies

The first step to succeeding at World Boss is to be able to Survive.


Because the stage is at least 5 minutes long, longer if you bring daemons that extend the battle time, Healers are mandatory for survival. The healer’s auto heals on the team are exceedingly important, if one intends to spend skill shards to deal damage.There have been some rare cases where non-healer teams have survived, but those generally carry multiple daemons with DMG reduction and/or HP recovery on skill use.

Non exhaustive list of daemons are listed as examples

Healers which boost DMG on skill

  1. Sola
  2. Cherry Blossom Front
  3. Orpheus
  4. Freyr
  5. ‘Aka’ Red Chochin [X’mas 2]
  6. Naphula

Healers which boost DMG from abilities

  1. Cinderella
  2. Siren [Singer]

Healers with DMG Reduction and HP recovery skills

  1. Cinderella
  2. Siren [Singer]
  3. Edo Castle
  4. Mazu
  5. Luminous Pearl
  6. New Year’s Game

The ideal healers would provide as large a damage boost while also having decent stats to allow auto attacks to heal up the team between the World Boss’s attacks. If damage boosting healers are not available, then the typical shield healer – providing both HP recovery and damage boost on skill – would allow the team to survive better.

Philosopher’s Stone and other Slow Inducing Daemons

The Boss’s attack patterns are affected by the use of daemons that reduce the boss’s speed. This applies to Kinoe, Hinoto and Mizunoe. Kanato cleanses runs so frequently that his pattern does not significantly change despite the slow that Philosopher’s Stone applies on her autos.

Advantages of changing the Boss’s patterns

  • Less damage received and better survival
  • Less activations of the boss’s skill that interfere with your auto attacks, leading to higher damage output from your auto attacks
  • More time between the boss’s attacks that allows for healers to recover your team’s HP

Alternatives to Philosopher’s Stone that affect the World Boss’s attack patterns include:

  • Yeti
  • Nephilia Clavata, with a team wide speed booster like Beelzebub [Halloween] or Flying Nimbus on the reserve.
  • Daemons that slow on skill like Nekogami – notably applies only to Kinoe. Needs a very precise skill timing. Strongly NOT recommended.

In general, Philosopher’s Stone is preferred over the alternatives because she also provides:

  • Decent auto attacks
  • Teamwide 20% Crit DMG boost
  • HP recovery and cleansing of negative status effects on demand

Disadvantages of using Philosopher’s Stone

  • Philosopher’s Stone has low HP, which ironically makes her own survival somewhat sketchy. This is less of a problem now with Sola being a staple on most teams, and the higher level allows Philosopher’s Stone to survive better herself.
  • Opportunity cost: the recent power creep in damage boosters mean that there are plenty of damage boosting options at the top end of the scale; running Philosopher’s Stone means that one is not running a booster that provides a boost which is better than Philosopher’s Stone’s 20% Crit DMG boost.

Survival can usually be achieved with the use of Philosopher’s Stone along with a single 5* Healer. More than 1 healer (some times up to 3) would otherwise be required on non Philo teams for survival.

Avoid Low HP daemons

In general avoid all 3 star daemons and 4 star ranged daemons.

4 Star melees and Healers mostly have poor skills and damage.

The current exceptions are:

Survival Assists

If low HP daemons must be used, one can bond HP and DMG Reduction / HP boosting Assist daemons to them.

The current list looks like this:

Base BondHP Buff (Inc. Base Buff)DMG Reduction
Kane DojiATK15%10%
Green JasperHP4%15%
White QueenATK20%0%
Nibelunga RingHP4%10%
Stella: Virgo (team wide effect)ATK0%10%

It is possible for Book of 5 Rings (MLB) bonded with a HP bond and Ptolemy to survive the World Boss on a team with Sola as leader.

Damage Reduction Skills and Abilities

One can make use of daemons with skills and abilities that either reduce the damage taken by your daemons, or reduce the damage dealt by the World Boss.

‘Reduce DMG taken’

This is a fairly common active skill that is usually paired with a HP recovery. The degree of DMG reduction and HP recovery vary between the daemons. The targeting of this skill is on your own daemons, so it needs to be such that the shield is activated on the correct daemon that the boss targets. Not much point running self shielding Hikoboshi against a boss which targets ranged over melee (Hiko would get minimally attacked and his shield for himself only would not protect other daemons). Running daemons with passives that reduce the damage that they receive also boost their survival.


Shield Healers

  • Cinderella
  • Siren [Singer]
  • Edo Castle
  • Mazu
  • Luminous Pearl
  • New Year’s Game

Ranged / Melee with Shield

  • Kong Ming
  • Hoskawa Tamako
  • Okuninushi

Passive DMG Reduction

Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day] is a strong example of this. Amanojaku has innate 20% DMG reduction. This contrasts to Yoshitsune, who is much more fragile.

‘Reduce enemy’s DMG dealt’

This skill is less common but would reduce the boss’s damage. Since the stage has a single enemy, if this skill is activated the boss will definitely be affected by it.

Reduce Enemy’s DMG Dealt Skills:

  • Aya Waka and Mata Hari (unrealistic to use, 3 Star ranged)
  • Ravenna
  • Date Masamune
  • Iron Maiden
  • Danjuro

Reduce Enemy’s DMG Dealt Abilities:

Damage Strategies

The aim of the World Boss mode is to do as much damage as possible. Living daemons are needed to deal damage, so survival is invariably more important. Assuming that this aspect is taken care of, then it becomes a matter of team construction and stacking of buffs and debuffs up to the game’s limits in order to maximize both auto and skill damage from the team. The buffs and debuffs can be applied actively – on skill use, or passively based on an ability or an assist which would affect the entire battle.

The different buffs and debuffs available for use in game:

  • Level
  • Damage
  • Skill Damage
  • Crit Damage
  • Crit Rate
  • Speed
  • Battle Time
  • Increase DMG taken
  • Decrease Defence


Sola at LB3+ as team leader boosts the entire team’s level by 15. Extra levels means more HP, more attack, more skill damage, and greater percentage boosts from other damage boosters. While this is a wide spread boost and not very targeted, having higher stats for every single daemon and bigger boosts which stack together justifies Sola’s position as the game’s current meta daemon.

Assist daemons like Tree of Wisdom (5) and Kuchikamizake (10) boosts levels for the daemon she is bonded to. The damage boost from this level increase is low compared to damage oriented assists. However it has more potential when used on the damage or crit rate boosting daemons whose boosts are described as percentages. Because the level boost from these level boosting assists apply only to the daemon they are bonded to, the unfocused nature of the level boost make them relatively poor. The better alternative (if available) would be the placement of teamwide boosting assist daemons on the support daemons instead.  


Damage boosting skills and abilities increase the targeted daemon’s auto damage and skill damage. The higher the percentage boost, the more damage. Multiple boosts can be applied consecutively – mathematically multiple boosts from skills, abilities and assists stack additively. The damage boosting skills, abilities and assists can apply to a targeted daemon(s) or to the entire team, or on certain conditions. It is important to read the description carefully to figure out which daemon the damage boost will fall on. Non exhaustive list of daemons with such skills and abilities are listed below:

Damage Boost Skills

  • Sola
  • Alice
  • Gjallerhorn
  • Aka ‘Red’ Chochin [X’mas 2]
  • Cherry Blossom Front
  • Orpheus
  • Freyr

Damage Boost Abilities

  • Yoshitsune
  • Suzuka gozen

Damage Boost Assists

  • Matsuo Basho
  • Stella: Aquarius
  • Stella: Gemini

Skill Damage

Skill Damage is a boost to the daemon’s skill damage. This does not affect the daemons’ auto attacks. Skill damage is important especially on your main damage dealer because the skills typically provide a much larger damage output than normal attacks. Skill damage can be boosted via Skill Bonds, Abilities and Assists. There are currently no skill damage boosts that are applied via skill use. The skill damage boosting abilities and assists can apply to a targeted daemon(s) or to the entire team or on certain conditions. It is important to read the description carefully to figure out which daemon the damage boost will fall on. These boosts stack additively to each other, but multiplicatively to Damage boosts and Crit boosts.

Skill Bonds

Main Daemon ClassRarity of Bonded DaemonType of Bonded DaemonClass of Bonded DaemonEffect
Ranged3/4/5*SameRanged 4.5/6/7.5% Skill DMG boost
Ranged3/4/5*DifferentRanged 3/4/5% Skill DMG boost
Melee3/4/5*SameRanged 3/4/5% Skill DMG boost
Melee3/4/5*DifferentRanged 3/4/5% Skill DMG boost

Skill Damage Boosting Abilities

  • Cinderella
  • Amor
  • Siren
  • Otakemaru
  • Edo Castle
  • New Year Game

Skill Damage Boosting Assists

Crit Damage

Crit damage occurs at random during the battle. The baseline Crit DMG is 2x of normal damage. Crit damage can be boosted via the application of skills, abilities or assists. The crit damage boosting skills, abilities and assists can apply to a targeted daemon(s) or to the entire team or on certain conditions. It is important to read the description carefully to figure out which daemon the crit damage boost will fall on. Non exhaustive list of crit damage boosting daemons follow:

Crit DMG Boosting Skills

  • Poison S. Brew [Valentine’s Day]
  • Cherry Blossom Front [Black Sakura]
  • Holy Grail
  • Apollo’s harp

Team / Self Crit DMG Boosting Abilities

This is a very common ability. Examples of Daemons with this passive commonly used in World Boss include:

  • Sola
  • Philosopher’s Stone
  • Katsushika Houkusai
  • Book of 5 Rings
  • Minamoto Yoshistune
  • Minamoto Yoritomo
  • Poison S. Brew (Original, Valentine’s Day version, Flower Viewing version)

Crit DMG Boosting Assists

Crit Rate

Crit Damage, being 2x the base damage of the daemon, is a fantastic boost. Boosting the rate that the daemon lands critical hits would multiply the effect of Crit Damage. The baseline crit rate is 7.5% for Melee and 22.5% for Ranged. Crit rate can be boosted via the application of skills, abilities or assists. The crit rate boosting skills, abilities and assists can apply to a targeted daemon(s) or to the entire team or on certain conditions. It is important to read the description carefully to figure out which daemon the crit rate boost will fall on.

Crit Rate Boosting Skills

  • Poison S. Brew [Valentine’s Day]
  • Cherry Blossom Front [Black Sakura]
  • Holy Grail
  • Minamoto Yoritomo
  • Morin Khurr
  • Book of 5 Rings
  • Katsushika Houkusai
  • Qilin
  • Apollo’s Harp
  • Marsha L. Shrine
  • Naphula

Crit Rate Boosting Abilities

Crit Rate Boosting Assists

  • Tee Rex
  • Emperor Shi
  • Niccolo Paganini
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed


Speed increases the rate at which your daemon deals out auto attack damage (or heals, in  the case of healers).

Speed boosts are capped at 100%. Stacking more speed boost beyond 100% does not increase speed further.

At this point in the game with daemons hitting auto attack and skill damage caps through other means on some teams, one of the remaining methods to boost damage further would be to hit faster and dish out more autos.

Speed can be boosted via skills, abilities and assists. These boosts will add additively to each other. The speed boosting skills, abilities and assists can apply to a targeted daemon(s) or to the entire team or on certain conditions. It is important to read the description carefully to figure out which daemon the speed boost will fall on.

Speed Boosting Skills

Speed Boosting Abilities

Speed Boosting Assists

Battle Time

If the team is able to survive well post berserk, extending the battle time will naturally lead to more auto attacks and more skill shards for additional skill combinations to be used.

There are very limited daemons that extend the Battle Time.

  • Old Clock Chronos
  • Gyobu Tanuki
  • Ninetails Fox (as an assist)

The maximum length of the World Boss battle is currently 7:30. This involves having all 3 of the above daemons on your team, and taking a Fox bonded Chronos / Tanuki as an ally.

Increase DMG Taken

This is a debuff that applies on the boss, that increases the damage that the boss receives. The debuff stacks additively with other similarly phrased debuffs, and multiplicatively with damage, crit damage and skill damage buffs. The debuff can be applied to the boss via skills, abilities or assists. Given the World Boss stage only has one opponent, the debuff will invariably fall on the Boss.

Increase DMG Taken Skills (This is your classic debuffer)

  • Minamoto no Yoshitsune
  • Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day]
  • Tokarev Pistol [Lunar New Year]
  • Titanium Elf, Titanium Elf [Furosode]
  • Lucky Quiver
  • Azi Dahaka

Increase DMG Taken Abilities

Increase DMG Taken Assists

Decrease Defence

Reducing defence adds a fixed figure to the damage that the debuffed daemon receives on both auto and skill attacks. Unlike other buffs and debuffs, the defence debuff stacks with other buffs and debuffs additively after the other damage calculations have been made. Stacking buffs on the defence debuffing daemon also does not increase the size of the debuff.

Example: MLB Hibiki [Sun Spear] has a skill damage of 6061 and defence reduction of 491. Using skill bonds, and increasing damage dealt buffs will increase the size of Hibiki’s skill damage (the 6061 value will increase), but the defence reduction figure is fixed at 491 regardless of the other buffs used.

Because of the limited number of daemons with this skill and the relative small (and unchanging) size of the defence reduction figure, increasing damage via this method is not commonly used.

Decrease Defence Skills

World Boss Team Construction

The World Boss team that a player uses would depend heavily on what daemons are available. For brand new players simply attempting the stage for the reward of a single invoker is good enough – simply enter and deal some damage and let the team get killed on auto mode. There is also no point in revealing the current top World Boss team and skill sequence, because that would vary with each boss, and would change quickly once new daemons are released. The purpose of this guide is to help players think about team construction and damage buffs and debuffs, rather than prescribe a standardized combination for players to use. Empirical testing and tweaking of your own team by using different combinations of buffs and debuffs and skill sequences to improve damage further is a big part of the fun of playing Otogi and the World Boss.

Basic Team Construction (for damage):

  1. Select Healer
    1. 1st Choice: Sola LB3-MLB
    2. 2nd Choice: Other Healer-Buffer
    3. 3rd Choice: Healer with Shield
  2. Select Philosopher’s Stone, or Second Healer
    1. 1st Choice: Philosopher’s Stone
    2. Equal 1st Choice: Healer-Buffer (either from skill or from ability, eg Cinderella, Aka ‘Red’ Chochin, Cherry Blossom Front [Black Sakura])
    3. 3rd Choice: Healer with Shield
  3. Select Debuffer
    1. Amanojaku, Yoshitsune, Titanium Elf, Tokarev Pistol etc
    2. OR passive debuffers like Taira no Kiyomori, Alice and Hibiki, with a high skill damage nuker like Itsuna Saburou
  4. Select DMG, Crit Rate, Crit DMG booster
    1. High Percentage DMG Boosters: Alice, Gjallarhorn etc
    2. Crit Rate Boosters: Poison S. Brew [Valentine’s Day], Holy Grail, Minamoto no Yoritomo, Book of 5 Rings etc
  5. Select second booster, or second nuker or debuffer, or another Healer
  6. Select alternatives if not able to fill team with daemons from steps 1-5
  7. Select reserves
    1. To ensure survival, if required
    2. To boost damage further, if survival is easily achieved
      1. Consider using different strategies like time extension and speed boosts if there is diminishing returns from further damage boosts
  8. Select bonds and assists
    1. To ensure survival, if required
    2. To boost damage further, if survival is easily achieved
  9. Test the team empirically for survival, and for damage. Adjust team as needed to maximize survival and damage

Skill Sequence for Damage

Auto battle

The AI will auto battle and make use of skills randomly. This is fast, stress free, but the AI will not ration skill shards to break the charge, so the team mostly gets killed by the AOE attack by the boss. Damage is also minimal. Use this if you do not care to rank on World Boss and just want your 1 invoker for participation.

Short skill sequence

This is a simple 4 skill combination that aims to keep the cost per skill use to an absolute minimum. Use each skill once in sequence to apply buffs, debuffs and damage, then wait for the skill shard cost to reset and for more shards to drop. It is possible to use 3 to 5 shard sequences also involving less or more daemons (each skill activated once only).

Example: Sola (DMG Buff), Yoritomo (Crit Rate buff), Amanojaku (debuff + skill damage), Titania (skill damage)  


  • Easy to use, simply keep repeating the combination
  • Boss is kept under debuff for longer periods of the entire battle
  • Cheap skill shard cost
  • Easy to arrange combination to make sure there is a combination ready to burst the charge
  • Frequent use of Sola or a team wide buffer affecting your healer also would ensure consistent damage boosted auto heals scattered fairly evenly throughout the battle
  • No damage CAPs are likely to be hit, so there is still room for growth
  • Consistent damage with lower variance because of the large number of skill sequences used the crits and non crits tend towards the mean value


  • Non maximum damage
  • Boss skills and debuffs on your team might interfere with effectiveness of certain cycles of the combination

Longer skill sequence

This involves longer skill combinations with varying skill shard cost (typically 8-12 shards) in order to stack the buffs further to deal more damage from each skill damage hit. Since more shards are spent on buffs, the skill hit is typically done 2-4 times to maximize damage.


10 Shards: Sola (DMG) Yoritomo (Crit Rate) Sola (DMG) Yoshitsune* x4 (Debuff + Skill DMG)

*Double Yoshitsune team

12 Shards: Poison S. Brew [Valentine’s Day] (Crit Rate & DMG), Sola (DMG), Poison S. Brew [Valentine’s Day]  (Crit Rate & DMG), Sola (DMG) Amanojaku x3 (Debuff + Skill DMG)


  • Fast, able to 4x speed through the waiting time between combinations
  • More damage with greater stacking of various buffs and debuffs

Disadvantages (mainly more difficult, need more thinking):

  • Need to be very careful about timing, especially if 12 shards are used in combination
  • Need to plan combinations carefully in order to have skill shard cooldown and shards available to break the charge, and for optimal combination to avoid boss debuffs on your team
  • Long periods of time when no skills are used, so the healer needs to be able to cope with incoming damage entirely with auto heals
  • Possible need for use of Philo’s skill or Shield from a healer to aid in survival between combinations
  • The presence of the debuff CAP at 75% limits the damage from multiple hits with the debuffer-nuker (like Amanojaku)
  • Damage is limited by the presence of skill damage and auto damage caps at 999,999 and 99,999


Have fun constructing your team and testing new set ups, breaking your damage records, while acquiring invokers along the way.

Please comment below and share how you deal with the World Boss Stage. The above guide is written to be quite general – players have different teams and deal with the stage differently.

If there are any advent errors please also comment so they can be corrected.

6 thoughts on “World Boss Guide”

  • Excellent guide.
    Also worth noting that Hinoto’s nuke can crit on skill/ autos (bombs) when someone in the team is petrified after the first nuke. Philosopher’s stone rids of that problem since she slows boss’ second nuke.

  • Here are some inaccuracies that I’ve spotted:
    Skill shard drop rate: 5.625s

    – Kinoe Stats –
    Buff: +30% dmg
    Berserk: +50% dmg (all WBs gain +50% damage upon clearing the AOE charge.)
    Front Row Stun: 900 dmg
    Highest ATK Nuke: 6,000 dmg
    3-Target AOE Poison: 900 dmg
    AOE Slow: 1,200 dmg

    (all dmg values above are base i.e. inflicted onto a healer. I prefer using base values for everything because it’s easier to calculate when the WB targets a daemon of a different type. e.g. one day we could possibly be bringing a melee nuker instead of ranged)

    Self buff: +70% damage
    Crit debuff: -30% rate
    It is also worth noting that Mizunoe’s buff/debuff durations are 10s each.

  • Thanks for the through guide for WB! Although it wasn’t a struggle for me due to dropping on auto mode previously until I had decided to try up my damage level ever since I have Miss Santa (X’mas3)

    Definitely have to do teams without Sola since I failed to get her in the event, ^^;

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