Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis – Yeti and Anastasia

Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis – Yeti and Anastasia


5 ★ Melee Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 9000/10739

Max/MLB HP: 11500/13723


Dance of Ice (MAX): Deals 921/1101 DMG to the 3 enemies with the highest ATK, decreases target’s speed by 45/54% for a limited time.

Shiva’s aide (lvl 60): Normal attacks decrease the current target’s ATK speed by 25%.

Gigantic footprints (lvl 85): Increases 20% of Crit Rate and increases 20% of Crit DMG


Yeti is a melee phantasma who provides a minimal skill damage to 3 targets with a speed debuff. His skill and stats are not particularly interesting. The combination of multi target skill damage with speed debuff puts him in comparison with Momiji Hime, Nurarihyon, Umibozou, and Ohina, to name a few. None of these daemons are significant in the current meta.

Where Yeti becomes possibly useful is in his first ability – that of slowing the enemy target with his auto attacks. Only 2 other daemons have this ability: Philosopher’s Stone (20%) and Nephilia Clavata (15%). Yeti’s speed reduction inflicted by his auto attacks the most powerful of the lot at 25%. The main reason why Philospher’s Stone is in use these days is for her ability to slow and control the world boss and change its nuke patterns. Sure, she does provide a clutch heal in a pinch, but so do many other healers. Yeti should be able to provide a similar alteration to the World Boss’s pattern if he is used on the team.

Yeti’s second ability boosts his own Crit Rate and Crit Damage. This is unfortunately unlike that of Philospher’s Stone, whose ability boosts the entire team’s Crit Damage by 20%. The 20% Crit Rate boost increases his crit rate to be comparable to that of a ranged daemon (slightly better at 27.5%). The crit damage affects only himself, so side by side with Philosopher’s Stone, who has much higher attack stats, and also 20% Crit Damage affecting herself and the rest of the team, Yeti’s damage output is still going to be lower.

DaemonPhilosopher’s StoneYetiNephilia Clavata
Rarity, Class, Type5★ Ranged Anima5★ Melee Phantasma4★ Melee Phantasma
SkillRestores 1347/1607 HP to all allies and cures them of all negative status effects. Deals 921/1101 DMG to the 3 enemies with the highest ATK, decreases target’s speed by 45/54% for a limited time.
Deals 979/1199 DMG to further enemies; decreases target’s speed by 29/36% for a limited time.
Slow on Auto Percentage20%25%15%
Level Lock306065
Other abilitiesIncreases all allies Crit DMG by 20% Increases 20% of Crit Rate and increases 20% of Crit DMG

While Philosopher’s Stone will provide higher auto attacks and a team wide boost affecting your damage dealers, her main weakness is her paper thin HP. The World Bosses that are currently cycling through generally have either highest ATK or lowest HP or random ranged daemon targeting for their nukes. This means Philosopher’s Stone with her poor HP is a frequent target for the nukes and risks dying unless she is healed up to full HP or a shield is cast to protect her. Nephilia Clavata generally did not get targeted other than by the lowest HP targeting because of her melee class. Yeti would be even better off, being the tankiest of the 3 and with melee class. You should almost be ensured that Yeti lives to the end of the battle under most circumstances.

The question now is whether the World Boss’s skill sequence differ more with Yeti’s higher speed debuff? During previous testing against Kinoe – Nephilia (speed boosted by Beelzelbub [HW] in reserve) and Philosopher’s Stone produced a different skill sequence. However having both Nephilia and Philosopher’s Stone on the team produced the same sequence as having just Philosopher’s Stone, as did running 2 Philosopher’s Stone. Nephilia without the speed boost failed to change the World Boss’s skill sequence. With speed being really difficult to measure (I’m not interested in counting frames on recorded videos, thank you very much) – I can only assume that the speed debuffs on autos are additive. And with an extra hit applied by being speed boosted herself, Nephilia debuffed the World Boss’s speed sufficiently to produce a different skill pattern. But speed boosting Philosopher’s Stone did not further change the pattern. Like with other mechanics, the speed debuff is most likely to be limited at a certain cap. Having 2 Philosopher’s Stone did not further change the pattern, thus I infer that Yeti’s higher speed debuff percentage is unlikely to change the world boss pattern further.

Should anyone have Yeti and is able to demonstrate a different world boss pattern from Philosopher’s Stone with his slow please post in the comments below. Video evidence is greatly appreciated.

In conclusion, Yeti to me is a 5 star version of Nephilia – their active skills are more similar than compared to Philosopher’s Stone. But their key use would be for their abilities to slow and alter the skill pattern of the World Boss. Melee class makes Yeti much tankier and have better survival, but at the cost of not having a clutch heal, lower auto damage and the team wide Crit DMG that Philosopher’s Stone provides. For players who do not have their own Philosopher’s Stone at a credible limit break which allows for World Boss Nuke survival – Yeti is a potential alternative. Of course one could continue borrowing the Philosopher’s Stone, but having your own Yeti or Philosopher’s Stone means you could be borrowing a Yoshitsune instead.

P.S. Yeti’s ability name is ‘Shiva’s Aide’. Most unfortunate that Mitama does not program some minor special bond between the 2 daemons that are supposed to be linked together. On one hand I understand the whole – oh, Shiva is no longer available so they should not program any special bonds associated with her (because of the whole Lucifer x Satan issue) but it sort of defeats  the purpose of having special bonds in the first place if daemons that ought to be linked because of their background are not even given a minor special bond. It need not be anything significant, especially in cases like this.  


4 ★ Assist Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 7500/9195

Max/MLB HP: 7000/8583

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Attack

The resurrected (lvl 75): Absorbs 15% of DMG dealt as HP


Anastasia is an assist daemon that would provide a life leech ability to the daemon she is bonded to. There has been another assist daemon with a similar ability – Dorothy [HW2].

Assist DaemonDorothy [HW2]Anastasia
Life Leech Percentage10%15%
Level locked5775
Base bond effectIncrease ATKIncrease ATK

Overall they are very similar: Anastasia has the stronger life leech with a higher percentage and therefore requires more copies in order to have her assist ability unlocked. Other than that our opinion on the life leech ability generally remains the same. It aids in survival but generally not sufficient to forgo the use of a healer on the team. Plus using her on your main damage dealer means you are not using a damage improving assist bond on the attacker, so the opportunity cost is significant.

8 thoughts on “Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis – Yeti and Anastasia”

  • A random question not related to the post: Does the ‘increase dmg taken’ debuff cap also apply to defense reduction or both debuffs act independently?

    • Increase damage taken is a percentage based debuff.
      Decrease defence is a fixed quantum debuff.
      They apply separately, with the fixed quantum defence reduction being a simple addition to whatever damage the daemon should receive after all the other debuffs are calculated.

  • how about using er on Philosopher’s Stone it can help her stay alive but that is just an idea if she get stunned 1 nuke all he need will that just all there is she is dead and there is no do over

    • You refer to using Anastasia on Philo?
      That could work but when she gets stunned she does no normal attack damage and therefore gets no hp recovery. For extra tankiness on Philo you could use Basho (increase hp), or if you really want super tally Philo go with Nibelunga Ring or Ptolemy.
      I don’t think there’s an absolute right bond for support units like Philo. But I always like Fox especially when players put it up as a helper. The extra time helps in damage output.

    • The helpers are usually available for a week before the event starts, and they will be available as soon as Yeti guarantee is over (~37 hours from now).

      So Wednesday (as 99% of major events start, all except the 2nd part of the Anniversary event I believe) a little over a week from now, I assume with great confidence.

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