Black Sakura Event Daemon Analysis: Zombie Tim, Chainsaw, Hiraga Gennai, Cherry Blossom Front and Muramasa

Black Sakura Event Daemon Analysis: Zombie Tim, Chainsaw, Hiraga Gennai, Cherry Blossom Front and Muramasa

Zombie: Tim

3 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 5,500 / 6,998

Max/MLB HP: 4,500 / 5,725


Infectious Corruption (MAX): Reduces an enemy (healer priority) DEF by 888 / 1,130 for a limited time

Urban Legend (lvl 50): Increases Crit DMG of 2 random Phantasma allies by 5% at the start of every wave


As far as 3* daemon go Tim is better than most but still isn’t worth keeping/using for the vast majority of players. The active skill itself is sort of useless (always hate defense reductions, they would have to have a super high value to even be considered useable nowadays anyway), but his passive is very good for a 3* daemon – just not good in the grand scheme of things. You have to consider that there are a plethora of other daemon with passives such as 20% Crit DMG to the team – equivalent to 4 waves of Tim without the randomness or limited team build. In the end will only get used by beginning players without a better reserve daemon.

Emilio’s Rating: 3.8 / 10

Chainsaw [Black Sakura]

4 ★ Melee Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 6,000 / 7,356

Max/MLB HP: 7,000 / 8,582


The Way to Deliver Desperation (MAX): Deals 1,849 / 2,268 DMG to further enemies

Manifestation of Terror (lvl 67): At the start of the final wave all foes take 10% more damage


Chainsaw’s review is actually sort of similar to Tim’s. He’s better than an average 4* largely due to his passive but in the grand scheme of things he’s not going to be used. The damage on his skill is actually very mediocre and even amongst 4* melee there are multiple higher damage AoE abilities (Kukunochi, Nitroglycerin, Scarlet Stand etc.). It’s only his passive that would make him somewhat useful. Enemies taking more damage passively is becoming a lot more common (and there’s a very good one coming soon if you follow the leaks) and Chainsaw’s is just a bit lower than everyone else’s (albeit the others are on 5* daemon generally). Again will only see use in a beginner’s reserve slot who has no better options.

Emilio’s Rating: 4.8 / 10

Hiraga Gennai

4 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 7,900 / 9,685

Max/MLB HP: 6,000 / 7,356


Generator going Berserk (MAX): Deals 1,137 / 1,394 DMG to the 3 enemies with the lowest HP. Targets receive 30 / 37% more DMG for a limited time

One with Special powers (lvl 60): Normal attacks decrease target’s ATK speed by 20%


I always find it funny when daemon are described as so smart or so powerful in the stories only to be weak as hell as a card. Hiraga had great compliments in the story as a strategist and inventor/genius yet sadly fails to live up to these in her card form. Her skill damage is lower than nearly all other 3 targeting 4* daemon however this is naturally due to her additional damage taken increase debuff. Unfortunately I’ve never been a fan of these since there’s no real use for them in the game – you’d much rather just use a big damage AoE to kill mobs in one go than apply a debuff and wait or have to use 2 skills to clear. Her passive is also not really noteworthy. Speed decreases on normal attacks have only one use and that’s slowing down world boss to do less damage. Philosopher’s Stone is basically the only go to daemon for this, there are others (Yeti and Nephilia) however like Hiraga you really don’t want to use them as it’s almost a slot waste in the team – they provide minimal damage and you never want to use their active – unlike Philosopher who has a passive team damage buff and a potentially useful/team saving ability.

Emilio’s Rating: 4.3 / 10

Qtphi21: Hiraga is extremely unlikely to survive on World Boss, even if the ‘slow on normal attacks’ is similar to what Philosopher’s Stone has.

Cherry Blossom [Black Sakura]

5 ★ Healer Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 11,500 / 13,722

Max/MLB HP: 9,500 / 11,336


Blizzard of Darkness (MAX): Heals 3,922 / 4,678 HP to the ally with the Highest ATK. Increases Crit rate by 45 / 53% to target for a limited time.

The Dark Superstar (lvl 80): Increases skill targets Crit DMG by 90%


The comparator for this is super obvious so let’ just get straight to it:

Cherry Blossom [Black Sakura]Poison S. Brew [Valentine’s Day 2]
Auto Attack/Heal1,6811,883
Skill Heal6,5908,125
Skill Crit Buff %53%72%
Skill Crit DMG %90%100%
Other Abilities20% Crit DMG to allies

When you look at it like this it appears on first glance that Cherry Blossom is like a reverse power creep of Poison S. Brew – weaker in all departments, so why would you ever use her over Poison? Well there are a number of things that naturally work in her favour.

The first really obvious one is availability. It is significantly easier for the majority of the player base to get an MLB version (or even just 1 copy since this might have been difficult for people to get with Poppy). Second is her Healer status alongside massive base stats for her class. Healer status means it’s likely possible to run a team without an attack speed slow on World Boss whilst not losing a slot for a defensive ability. With Sola you have a healer providing an attack boost and 2 other offensive passives, and in Cherry you will have a second healer required to keep you alive but also your single crit buffer.

Cherry’s Crit boost however is notably only 53%. With Sola this is fine as it will become 60% and this means your ranged daemon (assumedly) that you target will only be a couple of percent short of the cap, however without Sola it’s actually noticeable that you will only have 75% crit rate – the old cap. This could mean frustrating runs with multiple crit misses.

Overall though Cherry should be a great pick up for a lot of players. Sure she doesn’t provide the damage boost that Poppy does, but don’t forget Poppy is also the best crit buffer in the whole game… Cherry sacrifices some of that damage for survivability – and there’s also the argument that at the high end you don’t even need all that damage now with Cheshire Cat and Leo meaning you hit the damage caps easily anyway. Cherry is certainly a high end Crit buffer and will see use in some team combinations.

Emilio’s Rating: 8.5 / 10

Muramasa [Black Sakura]

5 ★ Assist


Max/MLB Attack: 12,800 / 15,274

Max/MLB HP: 8,600 / 10,262

Bond Effects

Base Bond: Skill DMG

Demon Blade – Holy (lvl 75): Increases DMG dealt by Anima team members by 10% at the start of the final wave (only takes effect once)

Demon Blade – Demonic (lvl 90): Increases skill DMG of Anima team members by 10% (only takes effect once)


And finally onto the ranking daemon, who oddly is a 5* assist. So we’ve had lots of 20% Skill damage to X type over time but Muramasa is almost like a split of this into 10% damage and 10% skill damage. This is better overall as the two different buff types will multiply each other – so essentially Muramasa is providing 22% skill damage and 10% auto attack damage to the team. These types of assist buffs that affect the whole team and can sit in reserve slot are always strong in general and Muramasa is no exception. Anima is however the least used of the three types so Muramasa might not be as useful as the other two, but there’s also no guarantee with future daemons so Anima could become powerful (I mean there’s already Tokarev and they have access to strong AoE and good buffers). Another consideration is that Muramasa’s first passive only activates on the final wave, so whilst solid for World Boss might make wave clearing a bit slower in Conquest and is also useless in Endless (but this isn’t really a true event ;))

Overall a high power level daemon, just potentially lacking a full use at the moment.

Emilio’s Rating: 8.5 / 10

8 thoughts on “Black Sakura Event Daemon Analysis: Zombie Tim, Chainsaw, Hiraga Gennai, Cherry Blossom Front and Muramasa”

  • After about 2 months on a newbie account, its finally somewhat usable lol
    I started a newbie account as an experiment on how effective the farming strategies recommended on site are, and here are my findings

    1) Challenge mode is SUPER TOUGH for newbies, and extremely unproductive. 4* can’t survive past wave 2, and you need VERY good healers to survive and make it effective. Otherwise just throwing 1se to get 1 or 2se is kinda bad… well, as long as ur not making a loss, I guess.

    2) after 1 over month on challenge mode, if you get enough healers and tanks, maybe it proves useful, still not efficient though. Luckily my newbie f2p started with black sakura event, so I have a lvl 85 superb healer to bank on, but i really doubt most newbies will have that. So instead of 2 months, likely newbies will need close to 6 months with lots of help to be able to full use of challenge mode.

    3) world boss is pretty bad tbh. BUT newbie acct is still at the tail end. And as a newbie its not really easy to save invokers because if you don’t get a usable 5* you can’t even farm story mode properly. So, yeah, world boss is a good farm, but invokers are still being spammed.

    4) For newbie f2p, most of the mochi farming methods are difficult / not so efficient (gosanke dungeon needs like lvl 20 or 25). Magatama dungeons are also tough if you don’t have good 5* or mlb/limit broken good 4*. Exp dungeon seems slightly easier either way though for a newbie

    5) boss arise is tougher than exp, about the level of magatama, but unless you spend time resetting, magatama 3 is better for mochi cause it guarantees one

    6) GCQ is very difficult in the first month, much easier in the second as I gained more of the high atk daemons. So no Gemini, but now have at least 1 copy of Phoenix.

    By the way, just for reference, 1st month I only managed a miserly 50k dmg, targetting 50 se use daily. 2nd month managed 200k and more. So there are a number of contribution issues for the GCQ side

    7) event stories are very tough, cause no asking for help.

    But climbing to lvl 200 bosses is tough too, but as I had a main account where I helped frequently, selflessly, shamelessly, so finally managed to use the newbie account to get to lvl 200 boss. I would guess most newbie f2p would need close to 6months to be able to get even to lvl 80 boss, maybe 1year or more to get past lvl 120. The rest is based on luck of daemon summoning…

    So in summary, it’s going to take a newbie f2p about 6 months to be able to contribute and enjoy the game… so I’d guess new player retention rate for f2p is kinda low

  • That new Muramasa is really underwhelming for a ranking reward. Cherry Blossom will provide a huge boost to a lot of players though, being so easy to acquire. Nice write up as usual!

    • I think it’s not that Muramasa that’s underwhelming, but rather the type itself. compared to Phantasma’s massive help to Valmano from assists and Reserves, Anima can’t just compare and only recently Divina did get some help and overall boost.
      I ran an experiment using Divina based team with Alice (15% skill +20% debuff FW) Cherry /poppy for crit Mercury (triggering ti elf passive) Ti elf or Yoshi helper and my Ti elf reserve (28% dmg to 2 highest atk + white pig lord’s 18% dmg (as I don’t have Cinderella and Amor sadly, given I started otogi later)
      Assists were: Aquarius, Leo, Chochin Basho (no cat helper) : This 15 SE team was enough to wreck bosses up to 190 with some luck..(hell, I even only needed 10 SE to 179) (crits hitting and consistent orbs drop), beyond that was nigh Impossible to OS.
      I can only Imagine when Divina and Anima will get their assists and worthy reserves.
      Hopefully, Mitama will balance the scales for the three types.

  • So… I’ve recently set up an experiment to see how a new F2P might survive or help out in events… and honestly, its super tough… Once this event dropped by, levelling is so slow… and no good team member drops for a long while…
    Luckily, there’s Tim here (new reserve coming in…once I farm enough magatamas…), and also black chain saw… Hiraga is urggh… super crappy, no kills…And Cherry… she’s awesome early for early farms if you get a nice Amano(v) helper, but past lvl 80+ I can only deal about 100k dmg max to boss…Super frustrating…

    Still, I can really see the utility now that I’m using Cherry (new F2P acct)… BUT, I’d like to highlight one point, as crit rate buffers go, unless you already have cherry at level 80, otherwise she’s actually a lot worse for team composition. Just a note, cause my main acct has Felis 70, and using her higher crit rate (~10%) actually works much better than Yoritomo 70 (Usually the Felis deals more dmg due to the higher crit chance)

    BTW, my F2P acct is named “Valiant”, running Black Cherry. Would appreciate more members using here lol.

    • Would like to add, it is not that Yoritomo 70 Felis 70 is probably more true… But my team has only Sora + Felis + 2 1* se bags, so Yoritomo just can’t perform in such a situation…

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